Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Circuits Everywhere!

Today has been an awesome day! One, because I had a great health and wellness consultation with an employee here at IGT. It was very educational and showed me how much people are really looking forward to the new on-site gym at our new Buffalo Road Campus here in Las Vegas. If you live in Vegas and take the 215 anywhere, check out exit 16 off of 215 and you will see a gigantic building sitting alone. Yup, that's our new IGT campus and it is beautiful. However, the raging debate is when the heck are we going to actually move in there? And the biggest question of all...when will the gym be done? Right now I've been told April 1st, but somehow I think that is a cruel April 1st joke that facilities is playing on me! I guess we'll see...

So, since the gym has not opened up yet, I have been conducting personal training sessions in the little gym that we do have in the building I work in. While the equipment is ancient in there I still workout in there myself on Fridays because really you can workout anywhere and in almost any place. No excuses, no crap...just get it done! Last week I also started up a new group exercise class for the employees in the cafeteria at IGT's 1085 Palms Airport Drive Campus. It was definitely a success and we go lots of people to join in and get their bodies moving for the first time in years. Everyone was very thankful and appreciative and that's what makes this profession so worth it. Here's what we did last week. It was a very simple circuit workout for beginners, but they still got a great workout in.

Warm up

side to side jumps x 1 min.
ice skaters x 1 min.
cross country skiers x 1 min
jumping jacks x 1 min.
(all done continuously with no break)


Jog in place x 1 min.

Stationary Lunges x 1 min.

Side to Side Jumps x 1 min.

Squats x 1 min.

Cross Country Skiers 1 min.

Push Ups 1 min.

Mountain Climbers 1 min.

Dips on Chair 1 min.

Jog in Place 1 min.

Crunches 1 min.

(15-30 second transition breaks between exercises)

Tonight I have circuit training class again with the IGT employees. We are going to step up the level of intensity a bit more tonight. Here's what we are doing:

Warm Up


Resistance Band Biceps Curls x 1 min.

Stepper Run Ups 1 min.

Fit Ball DB Chest Press 1 min.

Chair Dips 1 min.

Bench Step Ups 1 min.

Med Ball Slams 1 min.

Fit Ball Exchange 1 min.

Resistance Band Seated Rows 1 min.

Squat –Backward Lunge- Squat 1 min.

Up Downs 1 min.

Shuttle Run 1 min.

(15-30 second transitions between exercises)

I've been keeping things pretty basic with my IGT group, but tomorrow night I teach my circuit training class up in Summerlin at Club Ridges. That class is going to be very brutal. We are really going to get after it. One of my mother-in laws friends came out with her along with the rest of my family for my Ph.D. graduation this week. Well, she came up to me and challenged me saying that she wanted me to bring on the high intensity workout. One thing you don't do with me is challenge me because I have a reputation for rising to the occasion. I fear no workout and the pain associated with it so I'm going to really rock this circuit training class tomorrow night. We are going to do Fartleks combined with body weight and alternative resistance training equipment exercises. Fartlek is a swedish term meaning "speed play". If you have ever been a runner with decent knowledge of physiology you know that Fartleks are awesome because not only do you get a great aerobic workout, but also a great anerobic workout. The conintuous nature of Fartleks provide the aerobic base and the sprint burst for assigned amounts of time provide the anaerobic base. One thing I emphasize with trainers is that if you want to get into the athletic realm and train some big time athletes then you need to have a solid understanding of energy systems. If you know the difference between the phosphogen, glycolytic and oxidative energy systems and how they interplay with each then you can train anyone. In this workout you'll also see that I play with the work/rest ratio as well. Knowing how to manipulate the work/rest ratio is key for stressing the body's energy systems and pushing people to their limits and beyond.

So, check out this workout we are doing tomorrow night at Club Ridges. I promise it will leave you breathless...

Warm Up # 2 (forward lunge w/twists, backward lunge w/ twists, wall leg swings, A-Skip, penguin run, double A-Skip, windmill run, backwards run)

1st Set
2 minute run (15 on, 15 off) 1:1 work/rest
DB Swings x 1 min.
2 minute run (30 on, 30 off) 1:1 work/rest
Burpees 1 x min.
2 minute run (30 on, 15 off) 2:1 work/rest
Push Ups w/ Rows 1 x min.
2 minute run (45 on, 15 off) 3:1 work/rest
Bench Dips x 1 min.
3 minute run (1 min on, 30 off) 2:1 work/rest
R-Band Biceps Curls x 1 min.

2nd Set
2 minute run (15 on, 15 off) 1:1 work/rest
DB Shoulder Press x 1 min.
2 minute run (30 on, 30 off) 1:1 work/rest
Power Skaters x 1 min.
2 minute run (30 on, 15 off) 2:1 work/rest
Body Weight Squats x 1 min.
2 minute run (45 on, 15 off) 3:1 work/rest
DB Lunges x 1 min.
3 minute run (1 min. on, 30 off) 2:1 work/rest

Total work time: 31 minutes
Total time: 41-45 minutes w/transition time

Dr. Darian
"Let Your Heart Wear the Crown, Not Your Head"
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