Friday, December 14, 2007

A Look Back at Hellish Wednesday...

Hey everyone!

Before I get into this blog, I just want to say thank you to anyone who is reading this because if you are reading this you will be getting hooked on to some monster workouts and great training insights. Come along with me on my training journey as I continuously look for and create new ways to improve my health and fitness while also challenging my mental toughness. Be sure to leave me some comments if you want to contribute your own thoughts about my journey or your own journey in health and fitness.

While finishing up another pleasant Friday as the Health and Wellness Trainer at good ole International Game Technology in Las Vegas, NV, I thought I would share with you the grueling workout I put my class through on Wednedsay night at my other personal training job.

Ok, Hellish Wednesday...

On Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm I teach a circuit training class at Club Ridges, which is a fitness club located in the beautiful Ridges Community in the southwestern part of Las Vegas. In this circuit training class I have some very willing and committed participants and I say this because you have to be willing and committed to take the torture and pain that comes along with my circuit classes. I decided that this past Wednesday was a good day to kick up the intensity to a very high level with the holiday season in full swing. I debuted a workout called "Power Burpee Circuit".

This circuit has three movements for a set. The first exercise in the set was composed of a plyometric exercise (making use of the stretch shortening cycle and stored elastic energy for increased power and explosion), the second was a burpee (for cardio purposes mainly) and the third exercise was dumbbell swings to go back to a power move that just crushes the quads, glutes, hamstrings and traps. As you can see below all exercises were done for 1 minute a piece. We had transition periods of roughly 20-30 seconds to get ready for the next exercise. To say this was a hard workout was a big understatement!

The combination of ploymetrics, total body movements and then going back to plyos just overwhelms the body's anerobic and aerobic systems. Combine this with a very short amount of rest and this is a workout that has even those in superior shape questioning their toughness. So...check out this workout and see if you have what it takes to crush it!

Warm Up # 2 (4 track drills) 4 minutes


Zig Zag Hops x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

Frog Hops x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

Split Jumps x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

DB Box Jumps x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

DB Lateral Box Jumps
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

DB Overhead Squat x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

DB Squat into Jump Shrug x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

DB Quick Run on Steppers x 1 min.
1 min. burpees + 1min. DB swings

Dr. Darian
"Let Your Heart Wear the Crown, Not Your Head"
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