Sunday, December 30, 2007

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

What up everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Now, as we approach the New Year, there will be much excitement and fever about getting back into the gym and getting healthy. As you all may know this happens every year and most people just don't stick to their resolution. So, this year make a commitment to stick to your resolution of getting fit this year. How can you do that? Here's some tips:

1. Find Exercise That You Enjoy
  • Figure out an exercise activity that you actually enjoy! Some people like to hike, some like to go to the gym, snowboard, rollerskate, etc. Exercise does not have to be in a structured gym setting for you to get serious benefits. I always tell my clients and people who ask me for advice, that you will be more likely to stay with something if you have an emotional and social investment into it. Just make sure that get your heart rate up whatever you are doing!

2. Schedule Exercise
  • Most of us have some kind of schedule that we keep to have some type of order in our lives. We have a schedule for work, meetings and appointments so why not for exercise? Schedule exercise into your life and don't make excuses to skip your appointments. I bet if you had a meeting that involved a monetary deal you would make that no questions asked. I bet if you had a blown tire on your way to airport to go to Cancun you would get that tired fixed and still make your flight. Why? Because you have value in those things. Make exercise a high value priority in your life and you will get back more than you ever imagined.

3. Log Your Exercise
  • Simply put, if you log your exercise it is much easier to chart your progress. One of the biggest downfalls of most people is that they go into the gym aimlessly and they never know what they did the last time. That is poor form! Log your exercise sessions. Keep a hard copy and a copy on your computer. It is easy to do and you will be able to see the changes that are occuring with you both mentally and physically due to regular exercise participation.

4. Get Social Support
  • This one is a huge one. Get around people who support your fitness related goals. You don't have to go it alone with your exercise routine. Whether it be a significant other, a co-worker, parents or a friend, you need to have someone in your corner. People are more likely to stick with exercise when they have others supporting them and keeping them accountable.

5. Look at Exercise as an Investment
  • Think of exercise as an investment into your physical 401K. Everytime you exercise within your *target heart rate range you are investing into your quality of life. Each workout adds years of zest and power to your life. It also allows you to do all the adventuresome things you want to do. When your lack of physical activity inhibits your ability to do the things you love then you are on your way to a life less fulfilling. So, when you exercise think exercise equals an investment into yourself and you know what? We all need to invest in ourselves a little bit more!

*Here's how to figure out your target heart rate range (THRR) using the Karvonen Formula:

1. 220 - Age = Age Predicted Maximal Heart Rate (APMHR)

2. APMHR - Resting Heart Rate (take your pulse for 15 sec. and x by 4) = Heart Rate Reserve

3. (Heart Rate Reserve x 50%) + Resting Heart Rate = Target Heart Rate (THRR)

(Heart Rate Reserve x 85%) + Resting Heart Rate = Target Heart Rate (THRR)

Dr. Darian

"Let Your Heart Wear the Crown, Not Your Head"

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