Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hiking Season Back in Full Swing!!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting a new blog! My bad! Lots of awesome things have been springing up in my life and I'm so thankful for that. Club Ridges has been awesome and we are really making a big difference in the lives of the residents in The Ridges Community. Our group exercise schedule is solid with many of the classes maxing out in participants and our personal training services continue to grow and prosper. We have much to be thankful for at Club Ridges because we work in an environment where we all would normally never have access to. Residential fitness is truly a goldmine professionally as it is very rewarding.

Ok, so as some of you may know, I am a big hiking enthusiast. Last year my wife and I set a goal to hike the 18 mile loop of Mt. Charleston right outside of Vegas in August 2008. We started our training by going on some easy to moderate level hikes this past fall. However, we are really ramping up our hiking training big time. Last week we began our big stretch towards conquering Mt. Charleston by doing the River Mountain Trail in Boulder City, NV. Boulder City is literally minutes outside of Las Vegas and it is a town with an old west feel. My wife and I really love it hanging out in BC. The River Mountain trail is a fairly easy hike due to the ease of following the trail and lack of any serious and long lasting elevation. The hike is 6 miles total, but the greatest part of it is the ending. At the end of the hike you stand atop Black Mountain and from that view you can see on your left the entire Las Vegas Valley and on your right Lake Mead. It is truly a sight to behold. I highly recommend if you are in town and need to get away from the Strip then check out this easy and beautiful hike.

This week we will be hiking Juniper Peak in beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Juniper peak is a brand new hike for us. In the next few months we will be doing many new hikes that will surely challenge our fitness, but we are so excited. Juniper Peak is a tough 8 mile hike that encompasses all the best parts of hiking (trails, scrambling and bouldering). It will be a good test hike to see where we are in our training. So, as you can see we are kicking our hiking season into full swing. The weather is in the 70's now in Vegas and the timing is right to get it going for our hiking training. We have even added hiking to Club Ridges for the residents so we will be some hiking fools!!

Here is our hiking schedule:

March 1: Juniper Peak in Red Rock Canyon (8 miles)

March 8: Grand Circle in Red Rock Canyon (11.3 miles)

March 18: Icebox Canyon in Red Rock Canyon (2.5 miles)

March 22: Gold Strike Springs in Lake Mead (6 miles)

March 29: Pine Creek Trail in Red Rock Canyon (3 miles)

Overton St. Thomas Hike (2.5 miles)

April 5: Turtlehead Peak in Red Rock Canyon (5 miles)

April 12: Arizona Hot Springs and White Canyon Loop past Hoover Dam (6 miles)

April 26: Mt. Wilson in Red Rock Canyon (9 miles)

May 3: Off Week

May 10: Terrace Canyon in Red Rock Canyon (5 miles)

May 17: Anniversary Narrows in Lake Mead (4.5 miles)

May 24: Frenchman Mountain near Las Vegas Speedway (4 miles)

May 31: Off Week

June 7: Bonanza Peak Hike in Mt. Charleson (10 miles)

June: 14: Mummy Mountain in Mt. Charleston (8.5 miles)

June 21: Raintree Trail in Mt. Charleston (6 miles)

June 28: Fletcher Peak in Mt. Charleston (6 miles)

July 5: Off Week

July 12: Bristlecone Trail in Mt. Charleston (5 miles)

July 19: Cathedral Rock in Mt. Charleston (3 miles)

July 26: Off Week for Shel and Darian's 4 Year Wedding Anniversary

August 2: Mt. Charleston North and South Trail Loop (18 miles)

August 9: Mt. Charleston Loop Alternate Date

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