Sunday, May 18, 2008

It Has Been a Long Time...

So...It has certainly been a while since I have been on here to post something. Well, I apologize and hope that everything has been going well for all of you. I have been enjoying my time working at Club Ridges. It is such a wonderful job and as we head into the summer, things are just getting better. Now, mind you, business for personal training will be slowing down at the club this summer since the people in the community where I work tend to take summer long vacations so clients can become scare. However, there are other things we can do such as work on fall fitness programming and activities. It is also time for vacations and weekend trips.

Speaking of weekend wife and I went to Zion National Park this past weekend and we had a wonderful time. Zion is a famous national park in Utah that people from all over the world come to hike, climb and enjoy the amazing beauty of the western landscape. Michelle and I hiked a few trails and just enjoyed riding the park shuttle, which helped to explain the greatness of the park. Since we are on the hiking conversation, the hiking we did this past weekend was the first we had done in over a month. We just got burned out on it since we were going every weekend before. However, we are feeling refreshed and we will be gearing up for a 10 mile hike in Mt. Charleston on June 7th. It should be an excellent time!

Well, it was good to get back on here and blog again. I'll keep everyone updated on the hike we go on in June. Thanks everyone for reading!

"Let Your Heart Wear the Crown, Not Your Head"
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