Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friggin Friday...

So Friday was a very busy day. My Fridays are beginning to be my busiest day of the week along with my Mondays. I was completely buried with clients and teaching class so I didn't have much time to do too many professional development activities during work. It was cool though because I feel the most alive when I am busy with clients. Towards the end of my shift I get really energized when I have my last client or class. I just have such a good feeling when I'm about to finish my day. I love what I do and I thrive on being at my best at the end of my shift.

After I finished work I headed out to hang at one of the bars that my clients own in Las Vegas. It is a bar called Remedy's and it was awesome! I invited some friends to come with me and we had a helluva time. Let's just say that I partied super hard and was quite loud at the bar. Man, I love to party! haha!

This weekend has been fairly good. I spent Saturday chillin for the most part until I went over my brother in laws spot. We drank some beer, ate some food and watched Penn State whoop up on Illinois. All in all it was a great time.

Today has been a great day! Started with going to church and the sermon was absolutely excellent. Our paster talked about finishing well. The basic message was it is better to finish well than to start well. I truly believe that idea. It means nothing to have a great start to a task, job or even a dream if you don't finish it strong! So, my fitness tip for today is always finish strong! No matter how your workout begins it is all about how you finish it. Finish strong!
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