Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Work It Wednesdays

Well, today looks to be another busy day at Club Ridges for me. After my relaxing Tuesday I'm ready to get back into a busy day of clients and classes. I have three clients today that I am training. One of which is brand new. I'm excited to help her improve her health and wellness so this is the first day of a long journey ahead. The cool thing about this client is that she has made a long term commitment to becoming fit so I'm just as pleased as one could be to be helping this woman in her journey to fitness.

I also have my Circuit Training class tonight and I'm pumped for that! I'm thinking of having this be a partner based circuit class with running and body weight exercises. My class participants have really caught onto a hardcore attitude about fitness. I can see their strength and fitness levels rising every week. One of my class participants told me that he had lost at least 10 pounds and that he is at the weight he was at almost four years ago and that is a big time accomplishment for him. I'm always encouraged by people who just keep pushing and know that exercise is a long term commitment. It becomes part of your life.

Besides that my wife has some friends coming into town from Pennsylvania. They are heading up to Utah to do some volunteer work at Best Friends animal sanctuary. I'm sure they will have a good time. While they are out of town from Thursday thru Saturday I'm going to hang with some co-workers and have some fun at the Olmypia Expo this Saturday at the Las Vegas Convention center. I went last year and it was absolutely nuts! I'll have to give you guys the update on how that goes.
Ok, here's my fitness tip:
"Exercise is like a commitment to a relationship with a significant requires trust, honesty, integrity, hard work and patience. Treat your commitment to exercise like you would with a relationship that you really want to make special. Invest and protect your relationship with exercise"
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