Friday, October 24, 2008

Faithful Fridays

What up everyone!

I've had one of my most grueling workout weeks since I can remember.  I have really been pushing myself to the limits with exercise. Today is the last work day of the week and I couldn't be happier. I think no matter how much you love your job that if you pour everything into by the end of the week you will be ready wave the white flag and relax on the weekend. I want to say thank you to my faithful clients. I have about three super clients who are just absolutely fantastic when it comes to showing up consistently to make a change in their lives.  Now, I have another set of clients who are committed, but miss here and there and they are doing well also. However, I then have a group of five to six people who are just off the radar and that is tough because they can really use getting back in the swing of things to get back into shape. Even so I appreciate each of my clients and I know they are all at different spaces in their lives professionally and personally. I'm here for them no matter what because I love my profession.

Tonight in my core power class I will be concentrating on more abdominal and core based movements. I like to use my Friday Core Power class to combine various group exercise disciplines to create a class that is more "controlled fury" than all out bust a gut exercise. It is usually a nice finish to the week. I need to post these workouts to this blog so that all you gym rats can check'em out. I keep my workouts on our electronic workout database at work. I'll have to pull them from there. 

Yesterday I did my once a month speaking engagement with prospective trainers at Professional Fitness Institute's monthly bootcamp here in Vegas. I always enjoy getting to talk to potential new trainers. I feel so alive and excited when I can impart the passion and knowledge that I have about personal training to others. As my pastor said a couple of weeks ago..."I believe a person's own success comes through their investment into others." Giving back by speaking to new trainers is important. I hope to gain other opportunities to do these kind of speaking engagements in the future at other facilities. I have a definite passion for it. I can see myself being a motivational speaker in the future while training people on the side. I enjoy speaking and I guess that is just the teacher in me. 

This weekend looks like it will be a good one. My wife and I are set to do a professional photo shoot. I wanted to get some professional photos done for her birthday so we are excited about that. Should be an awesome time! 

Anyways, may all of you out there be blessed. Know that our bodies are made to move and be active. Get out this weekend and walk/jog, work in your garden or go to the park. Have a great time and take in life through new eyes. God bless you all. I'll check back in on Monday. 
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