Friday, October 10, 2008

Finish It Friday...

Hey everyone,

Friday is finally here and I'm am so relieved (taking a deep breath). I've been pretty tired this week with the amount of working out that I have done. It has been a whirlwind of workouts, clients and classes. I'm bushed! However, I do have a class to teach tonight so I will have one more go of it. It is my Core Power class and I'm going to make it more of a cardio based class. Basically, we are just going to maintain a steady state heart rate and keep the movement constant for 45 minutes. I'm might be picking up a new client as well who would begin next week. I'm excited about the possibilities of working with this client as this person is highly committed and charged up about being in fit. I see a good thing coming here.

Other than that it is my wife's birthday tomorrow, but we will be starting the festivities tonight at Hawaiian Tropic Zone in the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. It should be a nice chill time to hang with some friends and celebrate my beautiful wife's birthday. This weekend is going to be full of fun times with good people. I can't wait!

Ok, so here's a fitness tip:

"Challenge yourself with fun yet difficult activities throughout your fitness journey. Train for a couple of months for road race and then the next couple to run a mile in a certain time. Whatever works for you. The point is to constantly find challenges for yourself or should I say set goals for yourself so that you will continue to adhere to your lifestyle of fitness and wellness."
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