Monday, October 20, 2008

Mark it Down Monday

What up people!

Today is sure to be on fire! I'm ready for some hella good workouts today and that begins with working out with  my first client in the morning. My morning client is a figure competitor and I have had her on a linear periodization resistance training program for over five months now and she is seeing great results. 

For those of you not versed in periodization, it is a resistance training program design that involves manipulating the intensity and repetitions of a traditional weight lifting program through different cycles in order for a client to peak at the right time for championship season. Currently, my client is about to re-enter the muscular endurance stage of the linear periodization prpgram and we will stay on that for about two and a half weeks. Usualy in the last phase of a periodization program you are in the muscular strength or power aspect of the program, but since her goals are a bit different I have decided to recycle her back into short rest, high reps and lower load mode for the next two weeks to focus on moving weight over a prolonged period of time and keeping her heart rate high during workouts. After her Natural Olympia competition we will discuss her training schedule for the rest of the year and 2009. 

Besides that I have four sessions today with clients and my Core Power class. I expect my sessions will be solid with line up that I have with people. They all always work hard and I love that. My class will be crazy tonight!! I am giving my class a workout called "The Bosu 1500". It is 1500 reps of Bosu related exercises to include: core exericses, resistance training, calisthenics, etc. The object of the workout is complete all 1500 reps (each exercise is either 50, 100 or 200 reps) in the workout in an hour. I did a slightly similar workout last week and it went over really well. The general comments were that it really made them sore and they felt like they were working harder than ever. So, this is a step in their workout game because this will be done individually, but within the group exercise setting. Last week I had them do something similar, but in pairs so now the motivation will have to be more intrinsic. 

Other than that I had a great weekend. I had a wonderful time relaxing with my beautiful wife. We participated in early voting here in Nevada. The importance of this election cannot be understated as we waited in a line for about a half an hour to cast our ballots for president. It was inspiring to see so many people out to vote. Get out there and vote everyone. This is one of the most important elections in our history.  We also attended another great service at Central Christian church ( here in Las Vegas. The sermon was so right on as usual. Pastor Judd does an amazing job of conveying God's work to our everyday lives. He talked about not passing judgement and that before you think of doing that you must examine your own failures first. It was really powerful and I will certainly take his message with me. 

Ok, everyone.  Have a great day and go workout! Its always an awesome day to do just that!

Dr. D

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