Monday, October 27, 2008

Mighty Monday

What up people!

It is Monday again and I am gearing up for another full day of workouts. Mondays are usually my hardcore workout days. I start off at 11:00am by working out with my figure competition client doing our periodized weight lifting routine. Then around 4:00pm I will heading out the area that we call at work "Devil's Playround". It is a barren wasteland environment that is perfect for some brutal gladiator type training. My 4:00 client and I will be heading out there to run a 20 hill combination workout that will surely leave my body gasping for oxygen. Then I have my Core Power class at 6:30pm tonight. That will of course involve a heavy amount of core (erector spinae, hips and abs) work. So, by the end of the day I will be ready to lay down and relax with my awesome wife Michelle. Here's to a great day of workouts!

On another note we are getting closer and closer to election day here. Now, I'm going to stay impartial here and just say to everyone get out there and vote! Vote early. Most stay allow that now. Whoever you are voting for get out there and support your candidate and take advantage of a civic duty that once was not afforded to every person in this country. If you don't vote and make your case be know for who you support then you have no legs to stand on to complain about what you think may happen in the next presidency. Its time to put up or shut up! 

Other than that this week looks like a very promising week as I believe all weeks do. My wife told me this weekend that my greatest trait is that I never stop believing in people. I always want to see the good in people and in things. I have to see each week as an opportunity to make a difference. I have to see each week as an opportunity to be the change that I want to see. We always have a opportunity to make a difference for ourselves and for others. The question is will we actually get off of our butts and do that? I don't know about you, but I'm not standing on the sidelines baby. I'm ready to set the world on fire each week! Its like one of the verses in the songs we sing at church..."Shine your light out, for the world to see...". 

Ok, check out some video footage in this blog of me hitting the hills at Devil's Playground. Don't get it twisted...I might be making the hills look easy for the camera, but it was crazy steep and very hard. Peace!
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