Thursday, October 2, 2008

Think About it Thursday...

Hey all,

Today has been a very long day already, but I believe it has been very productive. I got to work a couple hours early today to meet my boss to go to our corporate headquarters to learn about how we process our budgetary items, etc. Our corporate headquarters is the Howard Hughes Building in Summerlin. Very nice building with lots of neat people. I always enjoy going up there.

At work I had some short informal meetings with the other managers and we are looking to shake things up a bit to energize our facility. I'm looking forward to some change. I think that is the theme of the year! We do need a change in various ways in all of our lives and in the case of our work environment we are ready to explode with new ideas. I'm psyched!

Read an outstanding article by Dr. Len Kravitz (today on Lactic Acid and how is not the cause of acidosis (burn). I loved the research and conclusions of the article. Did you know that the burning sensation during high intensity exercise is mainly due to increased proton production from ATP production (or ATP being converted to ADP) from phosphagen and glycolytic energy systems and not from lactic acid? Crazy huh? On the contrary Dr. Kratviz points out the lactic acid production actually serves to buffer or neutralize the accumulation of proton production. However though at some point proton production is going to become to high and therefore that causes acidosis or that burning feeling you get in your muscles during high intensity exercise. So, lactic acid measurements serve as a good indicator of proton production as it rises in conjunction with the increase in proton production. So, think about that burn when you work out hard and know that is not caused by what you think it is!

Ok, now that I'm done being a super nerd I can say that all is pretty good this Thursday. I have three clients in a row coming up and then I'm going to go home and hang with my wonderful wife for the evening. Tomorrow brings another busy day that leads into a nice and relaxing weekend. Enjoy the day everyone!

Oh and be on the lookout hopefully for me to put more videos on here. I would like to start putting some very short videos standard and unique exercises. Also, I'd like to see if any of you would like to contribute your videos of the exercises you perform. If you want to do that then send them to me at Try to keep the videos of your exercises to no more than 1-2 minutes long. Later!
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