Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Turn it Around Tuesdays

What's up people!

I've been on a little break here with this past weekend. I did a lot of hanging out over the weekend with my wife to celebrate her birthday. We had a great time. I was ready for Monday to come though since I needed to get back into my workout plan. I had a great series of workouts yesterday, but not all the way how I would have liked them to go. I worked out with my morning figure competitor client and then had a decent evening workout with my class at night.

Today is a low key day. Lots of meetings and I will be getting off of work early today. Looking forward to spending some time with my wife tonight and just chillen. I feel like lately though I'm looking more towards the weekend each week. I love my job, but I love even more just relaxing and enjoying my outside hobbies in life on the weekend. Oh well, such is life. This is living and I'm thankful that I have what I have. Until next time ya'll. Stay fit and keep on working hard!
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