Saturday, November 22, 2008

Decisions and the Holiday Season....

Hey everyone!

This past week has been a great week of work, but it has had its challenges. Being a manager, no matter where you work, presents some difficult situations. This week I had to have some meetings with my staff and I had to lay out some tough expectations. Just like many businesses these days, we are looking to see who are our most efficient employees. Essentially, we are looking to make sure that we have the best individuals as possible as a part of our team. As a manager one of the things I really enjoy doing is setting the expectation levels for my employees. I want them to feel cared for and valued, but I also want them to know that they will succeed for fail based on their own personal accountability. As the Fitness Manager I can set up various situations for success for my employees, but unless they put their best foot forward to follow through then it will not happen. In the end, when the chips fall, ask yourself...did I put in enough effort to be successful?

The workouts this week have been pretty good. I have a small group of clients that are making a serious push through the holiday season. I am so proud of them for their committment and dedication. In the remaining weeks of 2008 many people will continue to fall hard off of their workout routines and then in the beginning of 2009 they will have a renewed vigor in terms of getting their health back to together. I welcome all people who will have that New Year's Resolution, but I must see some committment beyond January, February, March because the norm is to drop out of an exericse program within three months of beginning. I hope that my trainers are ready for the mini onslaught of people gearing up for new fitness goals, but more than anything I hope they are ready to reach these new people to help them find the value in exercise on a long term basis. 

My group exercise classes have been doing very well. I am fortunate to have such amazing and die-hard class participants for my Core Power and Circuit Training classes. Many of the people in my classes have been in there for over a year now. Some have been in there since the first day I have been teaching those classes so its been a good year and half for them. These ladies and gentlemen are the essence of hard work and toughness. Every week I crush them in class and they keep coming back for more. They want to change their life and feel good about having a better quality of life. I am inspired by them every week. 

Things at home have been really great. Michelle and I continue to place each other's hearts fully and completely with each other while allowing God to work in our lives each day. Even with some tough monetary decisions we have had to make with our house that we own in Kansas, we still give thanks that we have two great jobs that give us some financial freedom. In this economic downturn we have made concessions for sure, but we have also saved and prepared for the next phase of our lives. In the spring we will be venturing into trying to add to our family in various ways. One, we plan on buying a home here in Vegas. We are ready to get out of the apartment setting, but we've had to do it these past two years to save and prepare for buying a home. Two, we will be looking to begin to try to have children. We are excited about that possibility. Michelle and I have stayed tight in our plan to wait about five years after we got married to start trying for children. We are right on track as we see it. Three, we will hopefully be adding another dog to our family. Michelle and I love dogs and ever since our Great Dane Ricki died last year we have been waiting for the right time to get another Dane. We believe this spring or summer will a good time to rescue a Great Dane. Besides that we are gearing up for our Alaskan cruise in May while staying in the present to celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Everyone out there, have a wonderful week and I'll catch again with my blog next week. Peace!
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