Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life Keeps Chugging On...

Hey everyone!

Sorry it has been a while since I have wrote on here. Everything is pretty good here in good ole Las Vegas. Work has been pretty chill. I am experiencing the familiar downward trend in clients taking vacation and just generally winding down since the holiday season is kicking off here soon. That's a little kick in the wallet, but that's ok. I think people need a time to re-charge and this is when it usually happens. I also think that people need to stay committed to their health as well. Even in this downward economy you can't afford to slack on your health and fitness levels. If those start to go that could be a pretty big blow to your wallet and your life. 

Anyways, things are just going well out this way. My wife and I are going to enjoy some great Sunday football action. On Saturday we went to church and enjoyed a great message from our pastor (Pastor Judd). He really brought home the importance of offering what you have to God no matter how little or big you think it is. He stressed the importance of being faithful in hard times and that is true definitely since we are living in difficult times. We are coming to our year end financial offering and my wife and I have been contemplating what to do in terms of giving. This is an offering where you are encouraged to give above and beyond what you normally give. Our church is excellent in terms of using its money to fund amazing programs like feeding homeless kids and families, etc. Central Christian is certainly a church that is "living" and getting out the message that everyone can receive God's simple gift of accepting him into your life. I'm honored to be at a church that cares so much. Anyways, I really believe in tithing and I believe this year we will give a nice amount above our regular tithing to support the las vegas community. I'm honored to give my money to help others. One thing that I know is that when you invest into others you are investing into your own success. 

Besides that we are getting ready for a relaxing yet exciting holiday season. We are spending Thanksgiving with some close friends of ours and a having a pre-Christmas celebration with my in-laws. I'm exicted to have the week of Christmas basically off of work. I have to use some unused PTO so it will be nice to enjoy the week of Christmas and hang with my wonderful wife. 

Well, not much else going on, but the great workotus we have been having a Club Ridges. My employees really work hard to stay in great shape. I have been doing around 5-8 workouts a week so I'm feeling good. I'm ready to hit the hay right now though. Until next time!
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