Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas is Near!

Hi Everyone!

I know you all are gearing up for Christmas. A little over a week to go! Things have been good at work. I have had the great opportunity to interview quite a few promosing trainers. It is interesting to see who knows what in terms of personal training information. It seems that there is a real gap there in the science aspect of training and the personal touch aspect of training. I've been looking to implement an in-house CEC program at Club Ridges for the training staff. I believe it is not only important, but necessary so that my staff can be as knowledgeable as possible in their field. Currently, I put out monthly research articles, but I want to do more so I will be using my teaching background to literally bring a CEC program to life inside of Club Ridges. I feel that staff development is crucial to the success of a club. Too many times it is just about working and not developing. Especially in personal training, trainers need to regulated more and given more structure being that the industry itself is so unregulated. My hope is that in 2009 the program will go off wonderfully and I will see some awesome growth in my trainer's abilities as trainers. 

Outside of that everything is great personally. This Saturday my wife and I will be heading out to house hunt again and hopefully make a final decision for buying a home. We are about 99% sure so once we make that decision I will let everyone know on here. There are so many deals out there right now with housing prices falling like all the time. It is a great time to buy! My in-laws will be in town for a week as well. I'm looking forward to it, but I know that next week will be fairly busy for both Michelle and I and my brother in law. Should be a decent time though. Got a christmas party to go to for Michelle's job. I'm really looking forward to that. 

Besides that all is well and continuing to move forward. I just want to enjoy each day and know that God has the plan and I just need to make good decisions and follow what is in store for me. Peace everyone!
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