Monday, December 1, 2008

December Already!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe that it is December already? As we head towards the last month of 2008 I am reminded of how much change has occured this year in my life and in the lives of others. The economy is at its worst time since the Great Depression, job losses are at an all time high yet this year marked the election of our country's first black president. It is the extreme nature of this year that has been so polarizing to me. In my own life I went from having an alright job at International Game Technology to a wonderful and career driven job with WTS International. My wife went from the depths of a job at a company that is failing to a wondeful position at Health and Wellness Supervisor at Heritage Springs Assisted Living Home. We have a lot to be thankful for everyone. You see I am a glass half full type of person. While I recognize that there is so much hurt and struggle out there, I also believe that people will rise up and fight through these hard times. The spirit of this country has always come to bat in various times throughout our history. I expect that as a people we will triumph over these very tough times to be more determined than ever. Besides, what kind of people would all of us be if we did not give it our best when the chips were down? What kind of people would be if we did not set an example of the hope we want to see? We are a magnificent people who were made to conquer against all odds. I firmly believe that God made us to be warriors of truth and discovery. I find myself in awe of the world we live in everyday and through His grace and my own free will to decide to choose how I will fight I know that I am ready to take on the challenges and joys that 2009 will bring.

Ok, let's hit some exercise talk here. Last week at Club Ridges was definitley one of the most challenging in terms of seeing the regular trend of people trailing off of their exercise programs. While you know that most people will inevitably drop off of their exercise routines during the holidays you would think that with all of the information out there and continual New Year's Resolutions that never work that people would wise up and work through the holidays. Such was not the case at my Club and I'm sure it was similar at most fitness venues. Why is it that we as a poeple just take the holidays off and then get into this mode of "whoa is me and I really should get back into shape". By doing this people just continually start over from square one, which they know is quite painful. Anyone who has taken too much time off of exercise knows that that first week back is very uncomfortable. It is a shame that we have to offer incentives and such to bait people to "come back" to exercise, but such is the society we are in. 

All of this information reallty confirms the fact that many, if not most people, need a personal trainer if nothing else for motivation reasons. There is reseach out there that documents the usefulness and effectiveness of trainers. I find it interesting that exercise is on of the only things that people will do without seeking the advice of professionals. In most other things people seek the advice of a professional. You wouldn't diagnose yourself of a disease when you know nothing about it would you? Nope! So, why would you go ahead and jump into exercise without consulting the advice of a trainer? Odd to me, but people do it all the time. 

Anyways, I hope that as we head into the New Year that more and more people take their health seriously. While you might lose some money, you'll be in real trouble if you lose your health. I encourage all of you out there to take a hold of your health and wellness to increase your quality of life. If you have your health and physical fitness then you have a pretty big part of your life to be thankful about. Until next time!
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