Friday, December 19, 2008

The Final Countdown...

Well, Christmas is less than a week from now and I can't think of a better time of the year. Everyone tends to be in a more joyful mood and people in general are more hopeful of the coming New Year. This has been a tough year for many people with the down turn in the economy. Jobs are being sliced at a crazy rate and the market has just been very volatile. However, I believe in the good of the world. I know that as a country and as a planet that we will rebound. You see the thing is that we are all tied together as people. No matter where you are in the world or what you do we are all connected. What I mean is that our success individually is heavily dependent upon the success we invest in to others. Think about that...your success depends how much success you invest into others. Michelle and I's pastor at Central Christian Church here in Vegas made that statement to us and it just really made sense. Think about anytime you have helped someone in any capacity. Didn't you see some sort of success grow from that in your personal and professional life? We may not know what is coming around each corner, but what we do know is that investments into service of others is a stock that will always continue to be profitable. In this difficult holiday season I want to challenge everyone to step up their investments into others. Whether it be a better investment with your significant other, friendships, family or your job, you have the ability to awaken great things in others with your investment into them. And the greatest thing about this investment is that it is free! No money down, no closings, etc. 

Speaking of closing costs and down payments...I wanted to let everyone know that Michelle and I bought a lot and the housing plan for it last weekend! We will be homeowners once again! It is a scary thing to sign that paperwork, but freeing to know that we will finally be back in a house. We've been living in a an apartment waiting it out with the market to buy at a low price. Well, we were able to do just that. Our house will be finished being built around the end of May or June so we'll be closing on the loan, etc. around then. The house is a 3-Story home on a nice little corner lot. We are very pleased to say the least! We are moving to the Northwest side of Las Vegas. It is a very new area in the valley with lots of nice areas to get out and be active. 

Now to some Club Ridges news...things at work have been fairly slow with the holiday season. I feel for my trainers right now because business has slowed down in the training department, but that was to be expected. Working in a gym no matter how big or small it is comes with up and down cycles of personal training clientele. At one point I was so booked with clients that I had to start thinking about limiting myself a bit a few months ago. However, now I keep about 3-4 solid folks training right now, but even that can be sporadic sometimes. We have worked really hard to have some increased promotions and events ready for 2009 so I hope that those things will translate into more business for my trainers. It all really depends upon the clients being committed to a program. I always tell my clients that the trainer is going to get you there to where you need to be so he/she will do their part. However, the hard part is making sure the client does their part and shows up. Just show up people and I promise I got you! You will see the changes you are looking for! Getting to the facility is the hardest thing for clients these days, but I try to keep a laid back approach about it. As long as they get there I'm ready to to take them "there" and push them to see results. 

On the management side, I'm feeling good about my role at Club Ridges. I'm ready to take on more challenges and continue to grow in that area. As the fitness manager I feel I have instituted some great new things for the club and become more effective in my communication and expectations with my staff. So, I continue to grow and that's what counts to me. Everything will fall into place and be what it is if I continue to do my part by working hard and being effective and innovative in my job. I let my performance speak for itsself rather than my words. 

Ok, to get to work and do the damn thing. You know it! haha! I'm going to kill it in my class tonight...Core Power...we taking no prisoners! Get ready! God bless everyone and best wishes until next week when I post again! 
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