Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to Business

What Up People!

Well, it is back to the grind of working a five day week for a while until the next holidays or vacation time comes along (May for the wife and I). I'm starting to see a jump in my clientele base again, but not because of resolutions. Where I work we don't really follow the trend of people wanting to get back into shape due to a New Year's Resolution. We have committed and loyal clients who stay with you, but go in and out of working out. I have my figure competition client coming back into the fold in early February. That will be awesome! She is finished up really well last year by getting fourth in the Natural Olympia in San Francisco. We have big plans this year with her looking to do contests in Hawaii, Italy and Austrailia. I'm happy because I'm going to have her for longer training periods without shows so we'll see some great progress. The next show is in June so we'll have four months to really crush it in the gym...which means I'll be crushing it as well with her. I train with this client and if you get the chance trainers, train with your clients. Go through the tough stuff and they will appreciate it more. I'm also grateful for my steady clients who train all year round. They energize me and provide me inspiration. 

This week at work is transition week. We are going through some major changes at Club Ridges. Our General Manager is moving on to run a property that we have in California. One of the other managers is taking over his position effective next week and I'm so happy for her. Would I have liked to have been the lead person. Sure, but its really not that important as I will get my shot in a few years. Plus, I just have so much on my plate as the Fitness Manager, Personal Training and Group Exercise Instructor. I wear a lot of hats so adding General Manager would be tough for me at this point. I'd like to get to a point in the next few years where I just trained one or two exclusive clients and managed a facility, but I'm happy where I am now. I'm involved in almost every face of the club and I enjoy that. 

Besides that, Shel and I are gearing up for the beginning of the building of our new home. We hope that the builders begin building by the middle or end of this month. We've done everything on our part so we can't wait to meet with the superintendent of builder of our property to see the timeline and how the house is coming along. Other than that we spent this past Saturday celebrating our friend Jess' 23rd birthday. Her birthday was in November, but this was the one weekend she could take off so we decide to go to Disneyland this past weekend. We all had a great time and were completely wiped out! It was awesome and it will be a time that we will all remember. 

Shel and I have been going through a book together called "101 Nights of Romance" by Laura Corn. Great book people! We consider ourselves having a great marriage, but its always good to stay committed to keeping things spicy in the romance department so we got the book. It is a book of tear out pages of ideas and things that you will do for your signficant other. It is a lot of fun planning the things we will do for each other each week to turn each other on. This past Sunday was amazing! haha! I highly recommend this book!

Well, gotta go....until next week. 
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