Monday, January 19, 2009

Everything Has a Beginning...

Well Hello There Everyone!

I don't even have to tell you how important a week this is. Yes, it is finally time for inauguration week. On Tuesday we will have a new president of the United States of America. Barak Obama represents the change in direction that country desperately needs.  This historic moment comes right after one of our most honored days today. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I find it so amazing that we get to honor and celebrate these two incredible individuals. One who blazed a path for equality, justice and opportunities in this country. Another who takes his place in history tomorrow to redefine a nation and a people. I couldn't help but be moved over the weekend when I saw video of the Obamas getting off of the train at Union Station in D.C. What an amazing video of the soon to be black first family. This moment, no matter how you feel has to resonate with you in some way. For those of us who are African Americans were are swelling with pride and thankfulness as we approach inauguration day. You see, as I've gotten older I believe I have grown closer to the meaning of being black in America. I believe that while you must move forward and continue set an example of excellence as a black person, we also carry with us the history of hundreds of years of difficulty and hardship. As an African American I am proud to carry the hopes and dreams of those wonderful black leaders who have come before me. I am blessed because of them I am able to succeed and grow beyond my wildest dreams in this day an age. On this day I say thank you to Dr. King, Malcom X, Rosa Parks, Langston Hughes, Jackie Robinson, and a host of many other important black leaders in various areas that have made it possible for a young black man like me to be successful.

On another note, I am excited about the opportunities that await our great nation this year. You see while most look at the grim outlook of our economy, I choose to look at how this situation will help us grow as a nation. As my pastor said the past week when he was talking with the well known Dave Ramsey about finances, "you are your own personal economy. WE are the economy. We have to get out there and make good choice financially for ourselves and depend less on what the government is doing." I truly believe that personal accountability is one of our strongest assests that we have as human beings. If we make better choices with our money by planning for the future more effectively and spending on necessities rather than on things that are luxuries then our country would be in a much better position. Now, I'm not saying there hasn't been lots of wrongdoing on captial hill and on wall street, but what I am saying is next time you want to blame someone else for finances make sure you point the finger at yourself as well. A man or woman who can admit their own mistakes and shortcoming is a person with great humility and strength. 

Things are Club Ridges are doing well as we settle into this New Year. We had a nice pick up in usage with our residents, but slowly but surely it has begun to fade a bit already. What is frustrating is that this trend is all too predictable each and every year. I am fascinated by human behavior and the predicatable nature of it. We as a society just can't seem to sometimes overcome ourselves. What I've learned is that many people need comprehensive support systems so we are certainly trying to provide that at Club Ridges by providing not only the physical side of health and wellness, but also the occupational, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual sides. Wellness programming is becoming the new wave and we want to be a leader in that by offering preventative healthcare seminars, providing access to solid registered dietitians, consulting medical doctors, using relaxation therapies such as massage, and being present and proactive in the socioemotional triggers that keep many people from staying committed to health and wellness. 

We are experiencing quite the change this week at Club Ridges. Our boss of almost two years is moving on to another one of our WTS properties. He will be taking on the head job at the Hilton San Diego Spa Aquazul. I wish my boss the best in his new venture and I know he will make it a great place to relax for hotel guests and members of the community. Our other manager now assumes the head position at Club Ridges so that leaves just her and I in management roles. I am excited to see what we will help create in coming future at Club Ridges. Right now we are really focusing on staffing my personal training department with some more solid individuals. Clients need diversity and options for trainers so I am making sure I go through an exahaustive interview process to find the best trainers out there in Vegas.

On the personal side, Shel and I are plugging along with our plans for this spring. We just got word that our new home will begin the building phase either this week or next week. The permits are almost done being approved so we shold be meeting with our superintendant of building of house very soon. We should be moving in around May so that is exciting for us. We head up to our lot site at least once every few weeks to see if any progress has been made and to just dream ya know. We also are about to put down our last payment on the Alaskan cruise we are going on in May. We are so pumped to see Alaska. We hear it is the best cruise experience. We've done a few cruises and have loved them, but this should be the motherload! We decided to also do a smaller cruise trip in September with some friends of ours the Ware's. We like to hang out with them on weekends every now and then and ham it up. The husband is a great friend of mind and he said he looks for his name to pop up in my blog so here you go Chuck! haha! 

Other than that we are just cruising along and trying to be smart about all things concerning us. From finances, frienships love and life in general we take the approach of consistency, being present and being active always in ensuring the happiness of those close to us. I have to say that I love my wife with all of my heart. She is truly a gift from the Lord. A man should never be this blessed in life, but I sure am happy I am worthy of her presence in my life. Until the next time everyone...stay classy and stay working towards your goals. I'm out! 
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