Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So 2009 Begins...

Hi everyone!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday season. Now it is time to get back to work! In the fitness industry this is a big time for us with many people making new year's resolutions to get back in shape. The most frustrating thing is that you get this renewed enthusiasm and then it usually sputters out by February. As a fitness manager and trainer I want the best for clients. Making a long term committment is difficult for many people for fitness, but that is what it takes. There are no shortcuts, no magic pills, no easy way to get around it. If you want something and in this case it is being healthier and fitter, then you have work hard for it. This is where an excellent trainer comes in handy. A great trainer not only utilizes his/her skills in assesing and designing programs for clients, but also has inate skills in getting clients to feel comfortable during their sessions. One of my clients always tells me that she enjoys working out with me because it seems like the sessions just go so quickly since we engage in such an easy and flowing dialogue in between working hard. I truly believe that a session is an experience and not just a workout. So, if you can take those new exercisers and make your session something to be valued and something where they will meet a social need then you have done a great job. Remember, you are not just a trainer....you play many different hats within the wellness realm.

Things at Club Ridges are going very well. We are experience some changes coming up with our staffing and that has not happened in a very long time. You have to understand that where I work people love working there so much that we don't really ever have turnover. However, when we do see turnover it is because employees are moving on to other situations that will enable them to grow even more both professionally and personally. We are also getting ready to move towards the hiring process for staffing one of our new clubs in the Henderson area of Las Vegas as well. So, there will be new jobs abound beginning in March I believe. Stay tuned for more on that in future blogs. Anyways, I'm excited for new things at Club Ridges, but I will also miss the people who will be moving on. They are wonderful people and I wish them all the best. January is a big month for us with new promotions and opportunities for residents to get involved at Club Ridges. You'll hear more about this as well in the coming blogs. 

Personally, things are wonderful. My beautiful wife is getting ready to start her first semester of graduate school as a master's studuent at UNLV otherwise known as the "un-luv". I am excited to see her pursuing more education in the field of Health Promotion. Michelle has been a registered nurse since she was 19 and then went on to get her undergrad from Penn State University. She has a thirst for knowledge so this will be good for her. One thing is for sure...we will be highly educated family after its all said and done. Fortunately, I have no more schooling to do. I was completely wiped out after earning my Ph.D from UNLV last year. It is a great feeling to have those credentials, but boy does it take a lot of hard work and you must put up with a lot fo politics and frustration. Overall, I'm glad I did it and it is certainly paying off. 

Michelle and I finalized our upgrades for our new home that is being built for us. We went to the Richmond American Homes Design center this past Sunday and got our appliances, blinds, picked out two tone paint for all the walls and made some other kitchen upgrades as well. All we are waiting on is for them to begin building which should begin this month. I tell ya what though, while it is a great time to buy a home, they make it much tougher to buy these days. Gone are the zero down payment, zero closing cost options. You have to have some decent cash on hand to get into a home and then I swear they want your first born as well. Even so, it has been an enjoyable process and we can't wait until they pour the slab soon and we can meet with the superintendent of building the home. 

Well, thanks for reading my blog again. I hope that you all enjoy it and please feel free to write me sometime. Later!
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