Monday, January 26, 2009

Your Economy, My Economy....How We Can Help Each Other

Good Morning Everyone!

The winds of change have rolled in both nationally and locally. We have a new president who is trying to make his way through this economic mess and on the local front things at Club Ridges have been made over as well. Last week one of my good friends and co-manager, Parisa Cooke, was promoted General Manager of Club Ridges. I am so happy for her and also happy for myself as I was promoted from Fitness Manager to Fitness Director of Club Ridges. Essentially what this means is that we both will co-managing Club Ridges, but Parisa will be the point person. Our boss moved on to Spa Aquazul in the San Diego Hilton and we wish him all the best as he continues to climb the WTS ladder. 

If you haven't heard of our company (WTS International) and you are in the fitness/spa/lifestyle profession then I highly suggest that you take a look at our website to find out more about who we are. We do everything from concepts, feasibility studies, facility designs to managing facilities for our clients who include a who's who list of companies and corporations. I have never worked for a better company in my life. WTS allows a fitness professional an opportunity for a career in fitness. Yup, that's right, no piecing together your income working at 5 or 6 gyms. You can have a home at WTS and its helps that our "homes" are located in high end residential, condo, corporate, and hotel based locations both domestically and internationally. Just recently the company locked down accounts to manage properties in Dubai, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orlando, and the list goes on and on. With relocation possibilities, upward mobility and posh yet comfortable working environments with great perks you can't beat WTS. And if you live in Vegas we are moving towards amazing growth in locking down properties in town. Not only do we currently manage Club Ridges in Summerlin, but also The Spa at Southern Highlands, The Spa at the Trump Towers on the Strip and will soon be opening Dragon Ridge Fitness Center in MacDonald's Highlands. Anyways, check out our website: to see some of our amazing properties and research more about the history of our company. 

So, lately I have been networking like crazy around this town. I made it my mission to try to get to know as many outstanding fitness professionals in the Vegas valley. In a short time I have realized that it is very small community of fitness professionals out there. Many of the people I meet and talk to know each other or have heard of each other. That is wonderful. I think it is important to network and reach out to other people in your profession. I love to help people where they are and help them if they need it. Now of course I'm always trying to recruit people over to WTS, but more than anything I just want to know who is out there and see if there is anything we can work on together. Together as a fitness community we will be much stronger than if we are divided. None of us know everything no matter how many certifications or degrees one may have. Sharing information and connecting allows a win-win situation for everyone. So, I'm hoping to put together a networking gathering at my favorite local bar Remedy's in late February. My client owns the joint and he said he would not mind if I put on a shin dig there. I was like sweet! So, be on the lookout for that invitation. Also, be on the lookout for some collaborations that I have in store with fellow doctor, Michael Norwood. Dr. Norwood and I are looking at writing a book together and doing some other fitness based activities. I'll keep everyone posted.

Besides that, things personally keep trucking along. Finally paid off that Alaskan cruise so all I have to do is get plane tickets to Seattle (where the ship is departing from) and we are all good for our May departure. In March Shel and I will begin paying on a shorter and thankfully much cheaper costing Baja Mexico cruise with our friends Charles and Hannah. We will be doing that in September. It will be their first time cruising so we will break them in with some crazy times at sea! In case you haven't noticed, we love cruising! It is hard to beat going to exotic locations with everything at your disposal. We just love it and will continue doing it as long as we are able to. 

Still waiting on word for a meeting with our superintendant of building of our house. I'm getting antsy, but I know that it will happen here soon. I'm ready to move out of this apartment and get into a nice home. Its weird because we own two rental homes in different states (Pennsylvania and Kansas) yet live in an apartment in Vegas. What the heck? haha! It sometimes feels a little scary thinking about adding another house and another mortgage, but overall we are more happy than nervous. We have great situations in renters in both of other homes and we know this new home will be one that we will live in and be happy with for at least the next 4-5 years. It is a great time to invest into real estate as prices are super low and the future will bring increased opportunities for long term financial gain. 

Relating to finances, it was interesting because at our church we have been going through a financial management series with our pastor, Judd Wilhite and Dave Ramsey, the well known financial consultant and radio personality. Mr Ramsey mentioned that even in this down economy you have to remember that you are your "own econonmy". He said how you give, save and spend your money depend on YOU. You can have a great financial success through smart choices in your own finances. His message along with our pastor was to think about giving first, saving second and spending last. Shel and I have made these principles the bedrock of our financial affairs and we have seen unpredented financial success even in this economy. 

For us it begins with tithing to our church 1o% of what we make. You see, its not about money really here, its about RELIANCE. I know that God does not want my money, but He does want my heart, my mind and my soul. He wants to see how we will rely on Him. And you is one of our greatest attachments in this country because we want more of it and don't want to depart from it very easily. Tithing is a symbol of our faith and you know what is so freeing? As soon as you put it at the top of your budget and become intentional with it then YOU WILL NOT MISS IT! You feel so good and you feel free. I know, we used to pinch pennies on at church and try to control our money, but honestly our money was controlling us. Over the past few years we have became intentional by giving 10% for tithing and 10% for our savings and living off of the rest. We also were intentional about paying off debt as well and we are still doing that much like everyone else. We were nervous about taking these steps, but I can sit here and honestly say that we have more money living off 80% of our income now then we did when we were trying to live off 100% of it back then. Isn't that amazing! Reliance equals rewards friends. 

Anyways, I just wanted to  share that with everyone who reads this. A giving heart is a heart that reaps benefits beyond monetary rewards. When you give in various ways to whatever it is whether it is having a giving heart towards your spouse, children, other family members, co-workers, etc. you bring joy not only into their lives, but your own life as well. Be intentional with your giving! Be selfless and show others how your heart beats for the success of others. You see, as a husbandm a brother, a son, a friend and a professional I believe that I have the ability to affect great and positive change in others if I invest into them. You will hear me say this many times in this blog....invest into others to see your own success rise. I believe this with all of my heart. So, go out there this week and turn around your own personal economy by being intentional with your heart and soul and you will help to turn around the personal economy of others. Until the next time everyone!

Dr. D
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