Monday, February 9, 2009

Knowing When to Be Still...

Hey There Everyone!

This past week has been a super busy one for me. We are finally winding down in our transition with Parisa and I taking over the reigns at Club Ridges. It has been a challenging week, but you know you never grow without challenges. Training at Club Ridges was fairly light so I was able to get some down time to work on administrative things. Still, the end of the week brought on the challenge of opening up PFI's introduction workout for the students there. I gave them everything I had and almost crushed myself into oblivion in the process. So, if I was do you think they felt? haha! Still, I enjoyed it and it was a way to connect with more people. This past Friday we hung out at Remedy's ( off of St. Rose Parkway in Henderson. It was a good time as always. We hung with Jamee and Jake Sanders. They are two wonderful people who I see Shel and I hanging out with down the road doing some other things. In particular, we will be doing some hiking with them on February 21st at Red Rock Canyon.

Speaking of hiking, Shel and I are getting back into hiking season beginning on the 21st of February. We took a nice hiatus from hiking after our monsterous 18 mile adventure with Mt. Charleston peak. I don't think I've ever been that exhausted in my life, but it always feels good to know that we were able to accomplish such a difficult feat. This hiking season we will be exploring some new trails while enjoying some old ones that we love. Usually Red Rock is where we begin in our hiking, but I believe we are going to get in some ones that were on our hiking list last year in the Lake Mead area. Plus, there is a few such up North near the raceway that are pretty spectacular as well that we will be doing. I'll post our hiking schedule and list on here very soon. If you want to join us please do. We always love company, but make sure you can keep up  because we like to keep a brisk pace when we hike! Also, we will be doing some camping as well and adding to our equipment list for just that. Valley of Fire, Mt. we come! 

One thing I love about camping is being still. Getting away from the city and just relaxing in a camping chair while listening to the sounds of nothing. It is deafining sometimes how quiet it is when you camp. I love it! There is too much distortion in our everyday lives and camping helps to break that up. We love to get back to nature and enjoy God's beautiful earth. Nothing like cooking over a charcoal grill, drinking some beers and talking with good friends and family. Ahhh...I can't wait to do it! 

This spring looks to be one of stillness and relaxation not only with camping and hiking, but also with some vacations planned. Shel and I have been fortunate that we have good jobs and that we saved and planned efficiently and effectively over the past few years. We recently paid off our cruise to Alaska which will be embarking on May 9th. We will also be booking a second shorter cruise to Baja Mexico that we will embark on September 6th with our good friends Charles and Hannah Ware (there you go Charles, I mentioned you again in my blog). We'll also be visiting Kansas this July to check in on our house that we own there and our tenant. We have to find a new renter as well since our current one will be moving out in August. Still, we look forward to fun times and it will be so good to have multiple opportunities to get away and experience life as I believe it was meant to exploration and in stillness from our routines.

So, we are still waiting on the permits to get cleared before our new house in Vegas begins the building process. Actually, we are just waiting on some signatures. It is a bit frustrating waiting on other people to do things to set stuff in motion, but I know it will happen soon enough. We are just so ready to get out of our apartment and get some elbow room. With two cats, a dog and both Shel and I it can be like a zoo sometimes. However, we always make it work. 

Other than that we are gearing up for a my brother coming to town on February 27th for his concert. Or should I say he is coming to Vegas and we are driving down to Cali for his concert there. It should be a fun and long evening. It will be good though. We are becoming pros driving to LA. Not too far after that my brother and Chubb Rock will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the first single off of their new album "Bridging the Gap". They will be on the show March 26th. Make sure you TiVo or DVR it!

Well, thanks for hanging in and reading another blog. I truly appreciate it. Take some time this week and be still everyone. Enjoy your life and give thanks. Later!

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