Sunday, February 1, 2009

Running Towards Success...

Hey Everyone!

Well, I'm coming to you a bit early this week! This past week has been one of transition and change at Club Ridges. Parisa, our General Manager and myself have been interviewing people left and right to fill pressing needs in our training staff and to help create new ones. We recently hired a new personal trainer and a registered dietician. We are very happy with our choices, but we are still on the prowl for one more trainer to make it an even ten of very diverse and competent trainers. Besides that we just finished Resident Appreciation week. During the early part of the week we had events such as a Nevada Cancer Institute presentation on heatlhy lifestyles and complimentary chair massages. Over the course of this weekend we also had our group exercise demo day and a super bowl potluck lunch. I'd say overall the week has been a success being that all of our events went off fairly smooth and we saw some new residents come around to the club. 

One thing that I'm really excited about is that we are certainly moving towards a fitness staff that is increasingly hungry and excited about getting out there and taking care of the wonderful residents of The Ridges Village. We finished very strong in our personal training, tennis and even swim numbers for this month so that was great. In particular, personal training looks to be picking up significantly. I think I'm about to pick up a few more clients and then I'm capped for a while. I have to be careful about who I bring on and how many I bring on since being the Fitness Director requires me to do quite a bit of operational and management duties. Even so, I enjoy training and will continue to do it at least for a few more years. After that I plan on focusing most of my time towards running one of the facilities that we have with the company I work for. I'll probably keep one or two people as clients, but that's it. 

All in all, I'm really happy at Club Ridges and our client Howard Hughes is very happy with our WTS based staff. We try to provide the highest level of customer service. Additionally, when you work in residential fitness the residents end up becoming like your family so you develop such close knit relationships. I love that part about my job. I never see myself going backwards in this profession...only forwards, but still with a mind set of enjoying the present. I won't always be at Club Ridges. Although I love it here so much, I'll be moving on one day to run one of our other future residential fitness facilities that we get the contract for here in Vegas. Ultimately, WTS provides those in management with incredible long term careers and I want to continue to do grow and improve with the company. 

Besides that Shel and I are doing fantastic. We continue to pursue each other's happiness and learn more about each other each day, month and year. I tell ya, I'm no relationship expert, but I do know that having a work/life balance is so important to a marriage. Whether you are married or single remember to always strive for balance in life. In the case of marriage you really need to make the time for romance, love and friendship. Whenever possible, I get home a bit early to spend time with my wife and show her that she is always important to me. Never let your work get in the way of your personal life. My pastor in Virginia once told me..."Darian, your job should bring you closer to your spouse, not farther away." Amen to that Pastor Dave! I believe that with my heart and soul. If you are not content with what you do then strike out and take a chance at doing something that will give you fulfillment and time to tend the things that matter in life. In the end you can't take your treasures with you when you are gone. Love maters, people matter, so make it your goal to focus on that important things.

This leads me into the wonderful service we had today at Church. We finished our last sermon with Pastor Judd and Dave Ramsey on Financial Peace. It was awesome as usual! Dave Ramsey reiterated his steps towards financial peace of mind and also stated that you must choose stay disciplined and be intentional with your plans for financial success. Today's lesson was based more on savings as well. Getting your savings together and attacking your debt. Overall though, I really enjoyed the part about making your love for God and for others the center of your investments. If you make that commitment to others and truly and genuinely care then you will see great fortunes come your way. It is not mistake that when you give honestly and cheerfully that what you receive in return is out of this world. Sometimes that return is tangible, but really the best return is the one that is intangible...the one that builds your internal self value and concept. Know that each of you out there are capable of great things if you share your abilities and gifts with others. No one does it one. Give back and be rewarded in ways you can't even believe. 

Well, thanks for reading again everyone. I hope you enjoy these blog entries. Stay tuned for more news in my next entry and hopefully next time I can tell you about us getting a call for our house start being built. Still waiting! 
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