Monday, February 16, 2009

The Weather in Vegas is...Well, Dreary

Hey everyone!

We've come upon a decently long cold snap here in Vegas and while I appreciate the much needed rain the valley is getting it is getting to me a bit. Oh where is the sunshine!!! haha! Anyways, much like the dreary weather we have been experiencing, our lives can sometimes feel that way as well with so much going on. Our country is experiencing a length dreariness of sorts with a faltering economy, job losses and a general landslide in fear and worry. However, take heart everyone in the fact that just like the weather, there will be brighter days ahead. Now, I know that seems so far fetched for many people out there, but it is true that while things can be pretty lonley and discouraging for a while, inevitably things do tend to bounce back at some point.

Peaks and valleys exist in all phases of our lives if you think about it. Professionally, especially if you are in a commission based field, your wages my rise and fall like the sun each day. Or you might hit a streak and make tons of cash for a while, but then hit a few weeks when things are bone dry. I can relate to that! While this New Year at Club Ridges has seen an significant increase in residents/guests using the facility, it has not translated into increased personal training packages being bought. Why is that? Could be various factors, one being the economy or it could be that we need to increase our marketing. However, this has happened to us before and it is a tough thing because there have been times when my employees and myself have raked in some very nice earnings from PT, but then there are times like now when it is a little scarce. I know that this will not always be the case, but when you are going through the dreariness of less commission and decreased interest it does feel tough at the time.

So, what is a person to do when the chips are down and a general malaise takes over your world. Well, rely on the solid footing of your particular faith. For me, I know that God has a certain plan for me to proper and grow. However, I am also aware that there can be no growth without challenge and discomfort. Without discomfort there would be no words such as perseverance, determination and fortitude. We as people tend to rise to the challenges around us or we don't. I'd like to thing that many of us meet challenges head on and come out better than before. When th rain has given way to sunshine we know then that it was all worth it. Still, I hear each of you when you voices are filled with pain and suffering. Times are hard and we have to band together to help one another.

That's why I love working at Club Ridges. On the outside it looks like it is a place where only the elite and financially fortunate congregate in a snobby parade of low level exercise and relaxed opulence. However, that is completely false. I find that in our club that we have some of the most generous, genuine and kind hearted residents. They work hard, understand the value of an investment and treat others with fairness and respect. In fact, as one of my colleagues said the other day, Club Ridges is a place where sometimes the staff and residents just blend in. Sometimes you can't tell the difference between the two. It is in these times that I hang on to the relationships that we have at Club Ridges and thank God for all that He has provided for me there. I'm fortunate to not only have a job, but a job that I love.

Now, while the rain has made things a bit dreary in Vegas, personally, Michelle and I have been getting ourselves geared up for a adventurous spring. I believe the weather will begin to turn fairly nice by mid week so we are looking forward to kicking off our hiking and camping season. We love to hike and camp. It just gives us a sense of peace and relaxation. Shortly, we will be posting our hiking schedule up here for all to see. That's right! We keep a schedule to keep us accountable for keeping us on track with our hikes. Last year we hiked from February through August and loved every week that we hiked.

We are hoping that our house will be done being built during the hiking season. Still have not had any progress in it getting started just yet. Just waiting on permits and signatures...standard deal. So, while we wait for that to get going all we can do is focus on the things we can control. Can't control the weather, control other people, can't force people to do things, can only control myself and what I do. So, as the weather begins to blossom for the better so will we as we head into the week.

On a final note, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Shel and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Bahama Breeze and took in a UNLV basketball game with her boss and her boss' husband. It was a good time. Thanks as always for reading the blog everyone. I'll check in again next week and hopefully I'll be typing by my living room window with sun rays bursting through. Later!
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