Monday, February 23, 2009

World Outside My Window...Time for a Recharge

When I was in college one of my favorite albums to listen to was R & B singer Glenn Lewis' World Outside My Window. This album was filled with heart felt songs about love and life. I really connected with many of the songs on the album and I especially liked the title of the album. There are many days when I'm typing this blog right next to my living room window that I think about the world outside my window. There is so much going on right now in the world and for the life of me I can't figure out how to digest it sometimes. You see, the world essentially is based on the perception of all people. What I believe to be true could be very much different from what you believe to be true. Our perceptions shape our realities and in the world outside my window I see lately a lot of monontomy, routine and static. Now I'm usually a very optomistic and glass half full type of person, but I can't help but think lately that I am looking out a window that seems to show the same picture everyday. While so much is changing in our much is not. We spend our whole lives working and building these routines and create labels so that we fit into boxes and categories. 

I guess what I'm saying is that somedays I look outside that window and wish I could just break away from the everday routines in life. I wish I could just fly, fly away with my wife to a romantic island and not worry about our daily responsibilities. I guess what I'm saying also is I feel stuck. I'm not refreshed at all and I feel it getting worse within me. Nine Inch Nails has a song called "Everyday is Exactly the Same". I'm kind of at that point right now. I can predict how my day will be depending on the day it is. It is just getting to me I guess. 

That's why I believe that any job you work in should require you to take a vacation every 3-4 months. Now, you don't have to go away to some beach resort, but I believe it is imperative that we recharge our battery for life every now and then. I believe both my wife and myself are ready for that recharge. Our vacations to Alaska  and Mexico cannot come quick enough (May 9th and September 6th). We need a change in scenery big time. A chance to wake up in the morning with nothing to worry about, nothing to think of except for well...nothing. Shel and I always talk about doing crazy things like backpacking through Europe or traveling around the world to see all the great sights and people of this planet. We are dreamers in a sense. I wouldn't mind just leaving our lives behind to visit the seven wonders of the world or hike the appalachian trail.

The great thing is that we all have the ability to wake up from our lives and recharge our batteries to see a different picture outside our window. While I see a pretty routine picture lately outside my window, I know that soon that picture will be exploding with the many treasures of life. Sometimes you just get stuck in "living" and in these times just being able to live and support my family by having a great job is all that counts. God has truly blessed my wife and I in our situation. We are fortunate and we never forget that. 

Still, it is in days like this that I sit next to the window typing my thoughts and I wonder...when will this picture of my life change...only God knows and only time and action will tell...

Until the next time everyone. Thanks for reading.

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