Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Everyday Harvest

Hey Everyone! 

I'm sure many of you growing up learned about how farmers harvest their crops during certain seasons once they have become ripe for the picking. One of the things I remember as a child was going to my great-great grandfather's farm in North Carolina and picking green beans out in the fields. I remember that it was a beautiful day as dusk was setting in. I remember my little hands picking the greens and being so happy and excited to help the family prepare for dinner. As the night fell I remember it being an opportunity for me to be more involved on the farm on our visit down there. And it was that "opportunity" that really excited me as I helped to harvest those green beans. 

In our own lives we have harvesting opportunities everyday. We don't have to wait for opportunities to rippen in our lives to gain something from them. Nope, our opportunity to take a hold of what we want to do is right in front of us each and everyday. Think about it....take a moment really quick while you are reading this blog and think about all the of harvesting opportunities that are around you where you are sitting. What action can you  take right now to affect your circumstances or someone elses? If you have a significant other or a spouse and they are not home right now then you could write them a loving could send a good friend an e-mail of encouragement or maybe you could after reading this blog take a walk and ponder about the things you are thankful for. Whatever it is, opportunities to harvest are everywhere around you. You just have to be open to pulling up your sleeves and putting your hands in the dirt to see what you will find. I can tell you this...what you will find will be beyond what you thought it could be. 

Michelle and I had dinner with her boss Pat and her husband Gene a few weeks ago and I'm always inspired by them. Pat is in her late 60's and Gene is in his 70's and when they talk about the lives they have lived it is just amazing. Pat and Gene have planted seeds in this life, they have cultivated this life and seen the seeds that they planted blossom into a beautiful and full life. As I like to say they "attacked life"! Because of this Pat and Gene have seen so many sides to this planet and their life has been a wonderful adventure of rewarding jobs, a great big family full of great memories and a love that has been a consistent and powerful example of two people coming together as one. Pat and Gene's harvest is an example of taking the opportunities in life and maximizing them. 

I hope to follow Pat and Gene's example in my own marriage and more importantly I hope to follow the plans that God has for me in my marriage. I want to continue to pursue my wife's heart and spirit so that she will know that our harvest is one that needs to be gathered everyday to keep us healthy. Whether it is in a marriage, a friendship, etc. my wish for each of us is that is we will see the abundance of opportunities everyday in our lives and take advantage of them. Although we are in a tough economy that does not mean that opportunities aren't available to us. The only thing that limits our opportunities We place our own limits on ourselves and each other. So, take some time to pour into each other in a positive way. Take the time to plant seeds of encouragment into family, friends, and co-workers. Watch how those seeds will grow within each person and watch how they will affect others in a positive way. 

You see, we affect each person that we meet no matter how big or small we are involved in their lives. Be mindful of how you pour into others because we are all connected. We are all joined by our behaviors and our behaviors affect others on a daily basis. So, how will you behave towards those you are in contact with today and the days coming up? Carefully harvest your opportunities with others everyday.

I'm happy to say that this week has been another one of learning more and more about myself and others. I feel like a each week I'm learning more and more about tolerance, patience and care because of the people and place that I work. Working with residents of the Ridges community allows me to form bonds with so many different people from many walks of life. I learn from them and hopefully they learn from me some things. Together we are all growing and that is what I look for in a job. A place where I can grow and have an impact and be impacted by others. However, I'm also aware that Club Ridges is a season in my life that will not always be there. I have no doubt that my Account Executive at WTS will come knocking on my door  in the future to lead me to run a new property that we will probably have in Vegas. While I'm ready for that opportunity, I'm also aware that what I have now is absolutely wonderful. I'm thankful for what I have and will always because change is inevitable when upward mobility is encouraged in a company like WTS. 

Patience is something that Shel and I have been working on big time lately with our house plans. As many of you know we purchased the lot and plans for a home to built a few months ago. Well, because of having to get the plans re-submitted due to new rules by the city of Las Vegas we have been in a holding pattern with getting approval to build our house. While it has been very frustrating there are blessings in this situation as well. Our harvesting opportunity is that the price of the house went down $10,000 and we will be getting that new price. Also, the extra time allows to better plan for our move as it would have been very difficult to move while getting ready for our Alaska vacation in May. So, we are choosing to take advantage of the opportunities that this extra time is providing for us. 

One of those opportunities has been Shel and I taking more time to talk about this upcoming year and how children will play into that. We are standing at the cusp of starting to make the decision to try for children. And while that is exciting we still have a few more months we are committing to further discussions and praying to make sure our hearts and minds are in the right place to begin this journey. Soon enough in 2009 we hope to be embarking on that part of our lives. 

Well, thanks for reading my blog everyone. I hope this one was particularly helpful and encouraging for everyone. Many of you have told me that you read my blog and my buddy Parisa even said it is in her favorites list! Yes! haha! Anyways, thanks to everyone for reading again and for taking the time to harvest this opportunity to read my words. Thanks!

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