Sunday, March 8, 2009

Networking Like Its Going Out of Style

Hey Everyone!

This past week was a very good one! The weather started to turn around here in Vegas and my networking event on March 22nd is drawing a nice amount of interest. So far 33 people have confirmed for the event! I look forward to greeting each person as they walk through the door at Remedy's. Big up to the owner of the bar who is a client of mine. He is providing free appetizers and is going to make the event look really nice for us. My partner in crime Parisa Cooke, the other manager at Club Ridges, will help me host the event and we have some decent surprises up our sleeve for the attendees. 

I decided this year that I really wanted to move forward with making a difference in getting people in the Vegas fitness and wellness scene together.  We all can do so much good if we work together for a common good.  We all basically know each other from talking to other people. This I believe will be the beginning of a great thing for us fitness professionals in Vegas. This first networking event is just the beginning of a plan to invest into other people in the Vegas fitness scene. I hope that others will join me in this adventure. My dream is to have these networking events turn into huge throw downs of fitness professionals here in Vegas. While we may be starting small, I hope to eventually move us into large conference rooms with vendors, etc. Who knows, maybe I'll start an official fitness and wellness association and spread it across the country! I know it can happen and I believe that many of my colleagues will get on board. One thing about me is I'm not a wait around and "think about it" guy. I get things done and move full steam ahead. There's no room for staying neutral with me. Let's do this! March 22nd baby at Remedy's! I'm ready to take networking to the next level with all of my colleagues.  Are you guys ready?

In other news...

This past week I saw a nice steady flow of clients since everyone is finally getting over having colds and getting through their allergies. This week looks to be a very nice week for clients and group exercise at Club Ridges. As we approach the middle of March I see things looking up big time at Club Ridges and in life in general. At the club we have seen a nice jump in usage. As people in The Ridges hunker down for surviving these tough economic times, they have begun to make Club Ridges more a part of their lives. We the staff there could not be happier.  

Personally, I am getting excited about my wife and going on a vacation in May. We have not been on a vacation in ages. It is time to enjoy life and we've worked hard to do just that. We are gearing up for our 7 day Alaskan cruise vacation. We have never been on vacation to Alaska, but it is one our "must see" destinations and we saved up for a good year and half to afford it. My parents come to town to visit in June and then this summer we will be visiting Kansas to check in on our house we own there. Our current renter, who has been wonderful, is moving out in August so we need to find a new one. I have faith that we will find a new renter by August. Finally, we cap off the summer by going on a short 4 day Baja Mexico cruise with our friends Charles and Hannah. So, we have a big spring and summer ahead of us and boy do we need to finally relax. We've been working hard for so long. It is time to chill for a bit.

Other than that we were able to get back to hiking this weekend. We love to hike, but we took a long time off after hiking the 18 mile roundtrip to the peak of Mt. Charleston. While it was fun, it was also very painful so we needed to take some time off. Plus, we had hiked literally five months straight so we needed to take some down time. However, our juices were flowing for getting back into hiking so we stepped back onto the trails Saturday to hike some of the Calico Basin Loop in Red Rock Canyon. It felt good to get back on the trails and see all of God's great earth. It was so quiet and still. Out on the hiking trails you can get back to a simpler time...a simpler place. It was wonderful. Anyways, we will be hitting the trails quite a bit this spring and all through the summer. Our plan is to hit the peak of Charleston again in August, but to do it better than last time. We'd like to finish a few hour faster than we did last time. I know we can do it.

Lastly, we started a new series today at church called "Uncertainty". It was great because the visiting pastor Tommy Politz, talked about how uncertainty is tough to deal with in our lives. I am one who definitely does not like uncertainty, but I realized in the message that sometimes we are thrown into uncertainty without choice and that can no doubt be tough. However, sometimes we are in uncertain situations because we throw ourselves into uncertainty. In my life I have learned that it always works best when you follow where God is leading you even when you don't want to take that path. There is a certain toughness and a well of strength that we obtain by going through tough times. Even in these times when uncertainty is reported all around us by the news, we have much to be thankful for because hard times build tough and resiliant people. We are stronger than we think. Hard work, perseverance and dedication are a part of our make up. 

Whatever you do and wherever you are in your life right now I want you to read this and be encouraged. There is hope in the air, laughter around the corner...keep on working hard and making your way and you will see goodness in your life always. I am reminded by one of my clients Molly...real wealth is not measured in is measured in all the things you do everyday to help others. Real richness is in the grace you provide to others and light that you shine for all to see. 

Thanks for your time everyone and have a blessed week. 

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