Sunday, March 22, 2009

One at a Time...

Hey everyone!

I write this blog with a big smile on my face! Yes! Today was the first networking event for my networking group called "Connect to Fitness". 18 people showed up the event so I was very pleased! What really touched me about the event was that 2-3 people there either got job leads or were offered work. I mean, you just can't beat that. Now imagine if all 38 people who confirmed had showed up? The possiblilities are endless! Each person that I saw was so friendly and nice. Just seeing a collection of fitness professionals who cared so much was so neat. I really feel like we accomplished something great today. Man, I'm pumped. It is about connecting one person at a time and making a difference in people's lives. 

And I think that is what the real message of my entry today in my blog. In order to reach people you have to stick your neck out and believe in connecting with people. Even as I'm typing on this technology based medium, I still believe we need face to face time with each other. As my buddy Ernie said today at the event..."things like facebook and myspace only go so far. Meeting in person is the connection that ties it together". I couldn't agree more with what Ernie said. When you invest into positivity, hope and a genuine follow through with others then what you get in return is absolutely amazing.

You know someone once told me that bad news spreads like a wild fire, but that good news spreads one person at a time. While it seems doing good and making connections takes a lot of time, it is totally worth it because you meet so many great people. For those people who did not come to the event I hope for them that they hear the good reports by people who attended the event. I want my Vegas fitness and wellness professionals to come out in full force. None of us knows the secret of anything. We are all open books waiting for each chapter to be filled with knowledge from each other. I'm thankful that so many people tonight gave of themselves to help others. I'm a fortunate man to have the opportunity to influence the lives of others and in the end that is the greatest gift that one can give...the gift of impacting another life in a positive way. It is to easy to just work on me, but how about working on helping another?

It is my goal that the networking events will grow into bigger events, breakout sessions for seminars and even a conference. If there is one thing that I know is that nothing happnes in life if we just sit around and wait for it to happen. God lays down the opportunities and it is our jobs to not close those windows of opportunities. Make sure you make life happen instead of letting life happen to you. We are not promised forever on this earth so while you are here make it count. Don't look back and think what if? 

In other news, this past week has been very good. I ended off my week with a light training load and a fun group exercise class that I taught. Michelle and I went out to dinner and listened to a lounge band at the Tropicana. I am reminded how beautiful my wife is when we go out with our friends. When I see her out her beauty is radiant just as it is at home. That woman is my rock, my shelter and my comfort. I'm so thankful to have her in my life along with the other people who make my life so full and plentiful. We headed back home after our good time and then awoke in the morning to peace and quiet. I tell you what, as I age I am becoming more aware of how great life can be if you focus on the greatness in it. Some people say that life is complicated, but I say that life is simple if you see it through thankful eyes. So many are hurting out there and in need. I thank God that I have the breath in my lungs, the power in my legs and the strength in my soul. 

A big shout out goes to my great helpers today at the networking event. Matt, thanks for always being loyal and willing to help. You have a great future young man! Parisa, what can I say...thanks for always being a great friend. Your support is amazing. I have great people in my life and I think that is because positive attracts positive. Think about it people....think positive, get positive, think negative...get negative. Keep it on the positive tip and I will talk to you guys next time. Later!
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