Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take time to Be Still

What Up Everyone!

This past week has been a physically exhausting one with all the workouts that I participated in with teaching my classes, training with my clients and getting a great core session in with my buddy Nick Calles. I'm not sure what other trainers do during the week for workouts, but with me I hustle hard every week with my classes and clients. I push it to the limit in my classes because honestly I will never let one of my class participants out work me and with my training sessions we have a friendly competition when we train together. As my wife likes to say "you do this to yourself". She is right, but I just don't have an off switch when it comes to working out so each workout is like the last one I might ever do in my life! And in actuality, I have trouble turning that switch off in life in general.  Strange, I know, but being driven is just part of my DNA. Without my drive I don't think I would have gone to college on a track scholarship or finished my Ph.D or be married to such a wonderful woman. My drive has also given me a close relationship with the Lord and for that I am so thankful. 

However, there comes a time when we need to be still. Sometimes my life is very hectic with work, networking meetings, etc., but I know that one must take the time to experience life in silence. One of the greatest places to feel a sense of stillness is in the great outdoors. Shel and I went hiking this past weekend to Gold Strike Springs, which is located right outside of Boulder City, NV. As we hiking down to the hot springs we took several moments to stop and listen to the sound of nothingness. The sound of silence is actually deafening when you take all of the static, distortion and business out of it. During hiking I feel a sense of peace and oneness with the earth. I am able to connect and feel a sense of calm and peace within my soul. When Shel and I reached the warm springs we dipped out feet in it and it was so nice. I can just feel the stress of the past week falling away and we looked at each other and smiled. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! 

Still, even if hiking isn't your thing, there are plenty of things you can do to be still. Take some time each week and turn off your cell phones, TV's and whatever else makes sound. Experience life in a peaceful mindset where nothing can get a hold of you, where nothing can interrupt you. You know I once saw a show where they were supposed to take this man's cell phone, blackberry, etc. from him for a a few days to see how he could function without them. Well, sad to say, he lasted only a few hours before he was actually crying and yelling "I need my cell phone back! I can't deal with this!!!". Can you believe that! It was quite comical, but also very scary. It said a little bit about the state of our society. The silence was killing this guy and sometimes I believe that many other people could be falling into this dependency. So, try to experience life in its simplest forms just for a bit each week and I guarantee you that you will feel more connected to yourself and the people around you. 

This upcoming week brings Shel and I closer to our Alaskan vacation. We have about a month left until we head to Seattle to catch our cruiseship to the final frontier. We are both very excited and one big reason is that we will be able to have more time being still and enjoying the laziness and laid back aspects of life. We plan on disconnecting from clocks, phones, e-mail, etc. Should be nice to just eat dinner, dance, explore and be still in the wonderment of the ice cold lanscape of Alaska. Can you tell I'm looking forward to getting away from everything for a bit? haha! I looking forward to being refreshed both mentally and physically. Now, this does not mean I won't workout on vacation because that is just part of who I am. I usually get in about 3 structured workouts on the cruiseship and two unstructured workouts off the ship. All in all...Shel and I have never gained one pound in our cruise adventures and we plan on keeping it that way! haha! 

Still no word on our new house building situation. Just waiting on the city to approve the resubmittal of the house plans. The city moves slow, but you know what...I've got time and I will be patient. I know it will work out in our favor whenever the house gets built. Hey, the mortgage rates are at a crazy 4.6% or something like that and the price of the home went down $10,000 so we will be getting that price! All in all we are waiting patiently, but it would be nice to hear the plans got approved and that building will begin. All in due time.

At work this week looks like I will have a full training week. We also have a all-staff meeting on April 4th and a staff mixer at Road Runner afterwards. Then Sunday I will be doing a guest speaking engagement for PFI on my usual topic: Residential and Corporate Fitness. Should be a fun week!

Until the next time everyone, may you be blessed and please enjoy the silence!

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