Monday, March 2, 2009

Vegas Days...

Hey everyone!

If you live out here in Vegas you will surely see that the weather is getting very nice. It has been in the 70's the past few days and it will continue to be nice. We are now in March and the beautiful weather will perist for about anothe month or two and then it will get scorching hot. I love it!

Anyways, this past weekend was one of the most hectic ones Shel and I have had in a while. We picked up my brother and my cousin from the airport here in Vegas and drove down to the Airliner Club in LA to see him headline the show there. As always my brother puts on a great performance. Things are really getting big for him in the music business. He is starting his own music label (Nu Revolution Entertainment) this month and will be dropping two albums this year in conjunction with distributors Dented Records in the United Kingdom and Unruly/Koch records here in America. Lookout for my brother's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! June 5th, 2009. His first big album will be a collaboration with legendary MC Chubb Rock who had monsters hits like "Treat'em Right" in the 80's. For all you true hip hop heads you should be going nuts hearing the name Chubb Rock because he was one of the pioneers of making hip hop as big as it is today. Their album "Bridging the Gap" will be released in stores nationwide and digitallty on June 9th, 2009. Lots of great things on the horizon for my little bro!

Ok, besides music stuff, we had a great time just relaxing and enjoying each other's company this weekend. Shel made some delicious sausage corn chower, spicy cornbread and chocolate mousse for us. It was amazing! Then we later headed up to our friends house, The Burgesses, to enjoy some great hot links, chicken, baked beans, potato salad and peach cobbler. We sure at well this past weekend! Whooo! I can't wait to go into work today to get a few tough workouts to get back into the swing of things. Other than that my brother and my cousin ended up staying an extra day due to their flights being cancelled because of the mega storm on the east coast. I dropped them off this morning for their flights. My brother has a busy week coming up. He's shooting the first two music videos off of the "Bridging the Gap" album this weekend so he will be crazy busy again.

Other than that I'm looking forward to a great week at Club Ridges. My clientele base is really picking up. I'm just about at max capacity for myself in terms of picking up new clients. I'm in a good space and I am truly happy about that. I have to be careful about how much I train being that I am also the Fitness Director as well. So, I try to keep a nice balance between the two. Right now it is turning out lovely so I look forward to staying busy in both my directing and training areas. This week I am conducting one of my monthly in-house CEC lectures. It will be on "Clientes who Are Pre-Adolescent". At Club Ridges we have quite a few pre-adolescents and adolescents who are training. I want my trainers to know how to effectivley train this population and with this lecture they will be prepared to do just that. I enjoy working with children. They are very honest and if you just get to know them and gain their trust they will always pay attention to instruction and do well. The adults I have are great as well and generally with all my clients I really enjoy not only training them, but I also enjoy their company.

I finally was able to lock down a date and time for my first networking event. On March 22nd from 4-6pm at Remedy's I will be hosting the inaugural event for "Connect to Fitness". My goal with this is for it to become the premier fitness and wellness networking organization in Vegas. I tend to dream big about things and this is no different. My thing is that I would like to continue to grow as a fitness professional and as a businessman. I am regularly evaluating business offers that come my way, but most of them I just can't get down with. I'm picky with who I work with and I want to build my brand, my reputation and my wealth through smart investments and making solid connections with people who can help me build those things. I'm not one to wait on things. I attack life because I know that oppportunites are all around us. My advice...find what people aren't doing to be successful and then attack that. Do what others aren't doing and keep on pushing. That's why this "Connect to Fitness" networking thing is big for me because it will allow so many doors to open not just for myself, but for others. The question is....who is wants to build their brand as well? Who wants to come along for the ride? I guess we'll see...

Church was awesome again yesterday! We finished up the series "The Knot" which talked about entering into marriage and also what happens when marriages dissolve. I love central christian because they just come at spirituality with a realistic point of view. No one is holier than thou or preaching things that don't relate to real life. Pastor Judd brings the reality to scripture and each week I always come away with something that I can do better as a christian to help others whether it is in my home or in the community. Yesterday was a great lesson because it reminded me of how important my wife is. I need to always remember to encourage her, lift her up, honor her and be there for her. She deserves the best and you know what? I always notice that after the services we tend to treat each other even better than we always do. It is truly a blessing to be involved with such a wonderful church family.

Ok, lastly, Shel and I have a fun week planned. We are eating dinner with Jake and Jamee Sanders on Friday night. We are really looking forward to that. Then the next day we are hiking Ice Box Canyon in Red Rock and then hitting the movies to see "The Watchmen" and eating dinner at the Silverton Hotel and Casino. Fun times this week! I wish you all the best and may you be blessed. Peace!
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