Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Settle For Less

Hey Everyone!

You know when I was on the dating scene back in the day I had one big rule...never settle for less. I always knew that the woman that I would end up with would be one that I wanted and had to spend the rest of my life with. I am happy to say that my wife Michelle has fulfilled all of my dreams of marriage. I never settled for just any woman and because of that I have this wonderful woman to share my life with. Now, while never settling for less is a great rule of thumb for dating, it is also a great rule of thumb for life in general.

Ask yourself, have you settled for less than you deserve in life? Are you letting circumstances, past events or just your fear hold you back from reaching your potential. If so, I challenge you to break away from that thinking and live a life full of moving towards something bigger than yourself. You DESERVE  to have the best because you are uniquely made to propser in this world. By settling for less you are taking a beaten and disconneted life. 

Speaking of connection, my networking group Connect to Fitness, was created for the purpose of plugging people in to opportunities to grow and blossom their talents and ambitions. I see such potential and promise in so many people, but then again at the same time I'm seeing more and more people settling into a life that is lacking goals and direction. You are more than that and you are better than that. And you know what the best part about success and going for what you deserve and are worth of? Is that you have a choice in the matter. You do not have to be bound by your environment or your current situation. While that may make it hard, it does not excuse a behavior of self pity and I can't do it attitude. No, no...you are capable and you are built to thrive. I read a great quote one time that sums it..."Your environment growing up may have contributed to how you are, but it does not have to contribute to who you will become". The ball is in your court everyone...

Ask yourself...how will you seize the plethora of opportunities in your life to become not what you are supposed to be, but what you are meant to be? 

Thanks for reading everyone! 
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