Monday, April 20, 2009

Think Big...Then Follow Through

Have you ever heard of the Great Intentions Club? Well, you might know this club because it is composed of great ideas, amazing inventions and promises upon promises of starting a new project that will be the next big thing. Have you heard of this club? Ok, you got is not an official club, but it does have many members. In this unofficial club thinking big is just that...thinking big. Some of the greatest ideas come from people in this unofficial club, but some of the greatest advances come from people in another club. This club's name is called "The Think Big and Follow Through Club". 

Today,  I want to talk about thinking big...and then following through. When I meet with people every week one of the greatest things that come out of our meetings are wonderful ideas to help others. We get wrapped up in the moment and start rattling off things that can be done. However, there is one key thing that happens in those meetings before we leave...a plan for follow through. You know thinking big means nothing without thinking and planning your follow through. I've never met a successful person in any business who thrived on coming up with great ideas with no follow through. We must be people of ideas, commitments and follow through.

One of the most difficult things to recognize with us as people is that we sometimes don't follow through because we are afraid of the expectations that come with being committed to something or someone. Some people honestly believe that having no expectations means that when they do anything little right that it will be seen as a great triumph. That is sad. You see when you become a person of big ideas and huge follow through then people will expect that behavior from you constantly. Is that such a bad thing? No way! Improving your standards of excellence can only help you grow as a person. Becoming reliable and trustworthy are incredibly important in this day and age. Being a person of action, follow through and common courtesy will take you a long way. And the funny thing is that we as a society are so surprised when people are courteous and kind. It is like when comedian Chris Rock does his bit on stage about being a Dad. He says why do guys get all proud when they say things like "I take care of my kids". Chris Rock responds by saying "You are supposed to take care of your kids!!". I feel that way about common courtesy and follow through. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE COURTEOUS AND DO WHAT PEOPLE ASK OF YOU!". 

So, I'm challenging everyone who reads this blog to become people of action and follow through. Take your big ideas and channel them into something that's doable. Many times that is the issue. You have a great idea and you want to do it, but don't know how to channel it to make it happen. Create a plan or get with someone who can help focus your plan. Great success stories happen because of ideas that were launched into action! Don't sit on the sidelines of your life and wait for something great to happen to you because guess what? It will not happen. That's like saying you are going to go fishing, but you never cast your line out into the water. You just sit in the boat and wait for fish to come to you. 

So ask yourself...what is your big idea and how are you going to focus it to make it happen. We are here for each other people. Every great idea that had action had help as well. As I told a colleague of mine..."there is no self-made man". Your success will always be a combination of your spirit of leadership and your openness to trust others to help you along the way. If you think big and follow through big then you are contributing to the growth of others as well. Great ideas with action plans not only help the person who had the idea, but also other people who want to become involved. Thanks for your time everyone! Until the next time...

Dr. D

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