Saturday, April 11, 2009

You are Worthy of Success

Happy Easter Everyone!

This weekend is a weekend for reflection and rememberance. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. The meaning of Easter and how it affects us is central to our lives. Jesus died for our sins and provided the ultimate ticket for our eternal grace. While we remember our heavenly blessings this weekend, I also believe it is important to remember our earthly blessings and purpose. 

On this earth it is important to remember that you have a purpose and you have gifts bestowed upon you that you can share with others in the world. One of the things I believe God wants is for us to not be stagnant people. He wants us to be people with a purpose, people with a mission to go out and affect the lives of others positively. I truly don't believe that we are meant to live life in the middle. We are meant to live a life where we go out and follow the path and opportunities that are laid upon us. I compare it to a coaching staff with a game plan. The coaching staff puts together a solid plan to win the game and asks the athletes to go out and execute that plan. When teams commit penalites and fouls and do not follow the game plan then that team usually loses the game. In life, we have a game plan, you have your talents and abilities and it is up to YOU to get out there and follow and execute the plan. It is your job to go out in this life and make things happen. Don't live a life in the middle. A life in the middle is a life where you don't make mistakes and where you don't take chances to follow your path. Do you want that life? 


You are worthy of placing yourself out there in life and using your gifts to affect the lives of others in a great way! It is always funny to me when people have a car that they keep in the garage for years and don't drive it. They say "I don't want to put the miles on it or I just want to keep it clean and nice." Or what about when people have rooms in houses where they forbid other people from going in. They say "this room is not to be entered. Don't go in this room." I'm sure you may have known people who are like this and you think the same thing as me....why even have that car or that room? Live a little! Get dirty!

Cars are meant to be driven, rooms are meant to be lived in or spent time in. You create great memories and experiences in cars and rooms. Ask yourself...why are you staying out of the rooms of your life? Are you sitting in the car waiting for a reason to turn that key to get that engine roaring? While you might want to keep that key dangling without turning on the car that is your life, where will that get you? You need to take the wheel in your life and see what you can do. You have a were made to be great in your own unique way. Capture that and do something about it. While you might have various circumstances that make it hard for you to move on everything you want to do, you need to work on what you can do to move forward in your life. 

Realize this, the biggest limits that we place are the ones that we place on ourselves. Don't hold back. Put yourself out there because I will tell you this, nothing will just be given to you. The job you want will not just drop out of the sky. You have to put in the work to prepare and follow through for it. You will not have a great marriage if you don't put all of you out there and work at it. You have to put your heart on the line...make peace with your insecurities and be open to growing into the person that God so badly wants you to be. The catch is that you have to go out there and get it! My wife heard a great quote that she shared with me on this topic. It goes like this "God gives each bird their food, but he doesn't throw it in their nest". 


You know I meet with quite a few people every week to network about fitness and wellness. I truly enjoy talking to people and helping them in any way I can. I have found it interesting that many of the people that are willing to meet with me are people who are open, honest and so passionate about finding their way in fitness for a better life. They are willing to do the work and be people of action and follow through. On the other hand, I am continually saddened by people in my profession who do not reach out for help or if I try to reach out don't follow through after we meet. I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED! Your happiness is important to me and I want you to believe that. I believe in you and I'm here for you. Remember....


As I end this blog I want each of you to know that I really enjoy your comments about the blog. I have gotten such positive feedback about it. It makes me feel so good that many of you find inspiration and joy in reading my blog.  Thanks so much! Until the next time...enjoy your Easter weekend and get psyched for what you can accomplish in your life! 

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