Sunday, May 24, 2009

Having a Healthy Heart is a Two Sided Affair

Hey everyone!

You know I work in a job where I see people everyday trying to strengthen their hearts by exercising for 30-45 minutes on a machine, running outside, etc. I know as a professional that exercising, and in particular cardiovascular exercise, does wonders for a person's cardiovascular system. The human heart is an amazing muscle that is highly adaptable when an aerobic stimulus is placed upon it over a period of time. For instance, when a gradual overload or stimulus of cardiovascular exercise is placed up on the heart the heart does this amazing improves upon it's self. Various aspects of the heart increase to include ventricular wall thickness, stroke volume, cardiac output, blood volume, filling time and the list goes on and on. The heart is truly amazing. 

However, one thing that I know from life experiences is that a healthly heart requires more than just a gradual stimulus of cardiovascular exercise. A healthly heart in the emotional and less tangible sense of the phrase is very much predicated by how much we give of our heart to others. Ask often do you give your heart to someone else or something that is worthy of it? How often do you share your passion and love for that which inspires you with others? 

The other day after leaving church with my wife we had a great conversation in the car about how we as people should share our heart and passion for things with others more often. How sad is it when someone has a heart that is bursting with talent and greatness, but they refuse to let it shine for others to see? I believe that it is highly selfish to withhold your heart from others. Your heart is cherished and valued always. Your heart and your passion can be the difference in someone's life. Now you might say "how do you know that?" However, I will then say "how do you not know that?". Life is not lived by hiding in the sunlight, but by shining in the darkness.

What we possess in our heart is the abiltiy to change the landscape of not only our lives, but that of others who need you more than you know. You see a healthly heart has two side that adapts physiologically through exercise and one side that flourishes through things that cannot be measured by things such as cardiac output or a decrease in resting heart rate. No...the measure of the emotional and spiritual side of your heart is counted in the difference you make when you put your heart forward for someone else. 

Thank you for reading everyone and I'll be checking in again next week. Thanks!

Dr. D

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