Monday, May 18, 2009

Uncharted Territory

Hello Everyone!

I recently returned from an eye opening Alaskan cruise vacation and I'm feeling pretty relaxed even after a busy first day of work. One of the great things about Alaska that I saw was the untapped beauty that surrounded you at every turn. I wondered to myself...sometimes it can be so amazing when humans do not leave their imprint on certain places in the world. Alaska seemed to be a place completely isolated from the rest of world. Up there you could be lost in the haze of clouds, waterfalls, iceburgs and glaciers. The plush green trees and frigid waters reminded me of how tough yet beautiful life can be. Alaska truly is the final frontier and after going I realized that there is still much to life I have no clue about. It is uncharted and untouched. 

You see...all of us are in uncharted territory. We face it everyday without you even knowing it. Everyday brings new challenges and great promise. If you really think about it...our lives are on course for uncharted territories each day. We know not what will happen from day to day, minute to minute, second to second. However, I think that is the great thing about life. You never know what is going to come around the corner. Sometimes it is a wonderful surprise and sometimes it is difficult news. Either way I feel blessed that in this life I have experienced much and I know that I have more to see that will widen my horizons. I'm ready to soar into the uncharted territories of this life and see what happens. 

Have faith my friends and always, always know what there is a path that is laid out for you. Share your talents with others so that you may be a vehicle to help to positively influence the life of another. If you are a great painter...paint a masterful work of art for someone who will cherish your work. If you have the gift of speaking and influence then be a calming light to someone in a difficult spot. Whatever your talent is...take the time to nuture it and grow so that it may be used to chart a course of happiness in the uncharted territories of life that we all face. 

Thanks for your time again everyone. May you be blessed in all that you do. Later!

Dr. D
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