Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Change is Gonna Come...

In this life there are not a lot of uncertainties, but one that certain is the fact that change is always going to come. I like to think of the ever-changing landscape of our lives as an adventure that can be scary and happy at the same time. Sometimes the changes can be overwhelming big and dramatic....and sometimes they can be subtle and barely a blip on our radar screens. No matter how big or small change is in your life, the point is that change is constantly occurring.

Those who do not adapt to the change are destined to stunt progress and growth in their lives. While change can be difficult and tough, it does prepare us for the trials and triumphs that we will face in the years to come. I am reminded about how difficult it is to deal with change when I go to work each day and work with individuals who come to me for help in changing their hearts, bodies and minds for fitness and wellness. We sit down during the assessment and I gauge how ready they are to make a commitment to changing their behavior in exericse to one that is desirable. Now through the many assessments and training sessions that I've done in my time I can say that there are very few people who are willing to make the jump to a permanent behavior change, but it only takes one person to do that to make it all worth it.

Committing to dealing with change is a tough call because you have to be adaptable, be accountable and be steady in handling the baggage that comes with change. I'm here to tell you that change is a course that is not full of smooth sailing. Throughout the course of change in exericse or just change in everyday life we veer off the path and we forget our way. We want to believe that things will stay the same so we revert back to things that once were.

In the movie "Hearts of Atlantis" a grown up Bobby says something that has stuck with me for many years about home. He says, "Why do we always expect home to stay the same? Nothing else does." It is true, nothing stays the same. That is why it is absolutely imperative that we attach ourselves to those who can help guide us during the good and bad times of change. I guess what I am saying is that in these times we are living in and in any times that people have lived in that we need always need each to weather the storms of our lives. You see...change is going to come. We are an everlasting wheel of surprises and really...would you have it any other way?

Thanks for reading everyone!
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