Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't Let Life Happen to You

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever known someone who is so passionate, so outgoing, so alive for living? No? That's because it is a rare thing to find, but in my life I have been fortunate to meet more than a few individuals whose passion for life and living life all out has inspired me. These rare people pump a new sense of wonder and exploration into me that gives me the incentive to reach for stars.

However, for every rarity there seems to be thousands of those who just let life happen to them. I'm sure you know many people in your life who complain about everything, never take personal responsiblity and just generally sit back and wait for good things to happen instead of going out and planting the seeds for greatness. These individuals without even knowing it stifle the progress of others and it takes a tremendously strong person to step out of the eclipse that is created by these individuals.

I'm here to tell you though that you will live a more fulfilling and purposeful life if you go out and make your life one for the record books. Our time on this earth is precious and short lived if you really think about. I don't know when the good Lord will request my homecoming, but in the mean time I want to live a life of service to others...of grace with others because really what else are you trying to accomplish on this earth? Affecting the lives of others in a positive way is a gift that you give that will never vanquish. Long after you are gone from this earth what you will leave will be your legacy and your impressions on others. Ask yourself...what will you leave behind? And more important in the present, what and who will you affect right here, right now?

We all have the capabilities to be great beacons of hope for others. Individually we are not too small to make greatness appear. You just have to have faith in yourself and others that you can make a difference and I know each of you can.

Thanks for your time everyone and attack and live life...don't let it just happen to you. Until next time.

Dr. D
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