Monday, July 13, 2009

Giving Up is Not An Option

One of the first things you learn if you ever pursue the goal of obtaining your doctorate is that it is not about smarts, it is about perseverance. In a journey through higher education that is filled with politicis around every corner and infighting at every whim, you have to have thick skin and a helluva a lot of determination to navigate your degree to walk that stage during graduation. In many Ph.d programs many candidates walk in and very few walk out with their degree in hand. Why is that? One of the biggest factors is that people just don't stick it out even when things get tough in their program.

The interesting thing about this observation is that you can witness a similar thing in almost every facet of life. We as a society constantly start and stop things in search of greener pastures, but how much greener can something be if you never exhausted the possibilities of the previous opportunity? Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes you do need to bail out on a situation if it is harmful to you, but how many times do people bail out when things get slightly hard? I find this very true with people who begin exercise programs. As soon as things begin to get a little tough they question whether it will remain hard and how much more of this can I take? They never take the time to stick it out and see the adaptations the body makes and how your economy of effort decreases due to physiological adaptations.

In the end, what I'm really trying to say is that how we can achieve our greatest life goals if we constantly are putting them off for trivial reasons? Nothing that was passionately desired has ever been attained through stopping when things got tough. Ask yourself...why is it such sweet a feeling when you accomplish something hard? Well, probably because you can look back at the process of getting to that accomplishment and appreciate how hard it was because it helped to shape your feelings about attaining your goal. Think about many people say "I feel so gratified to have reached this goal because of the short amount of time and effort it took for me to reach it?"

Until next time everyone. Have a great day and remember...don't give up on something that you really want to accomplish.

Dr. D
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