Sunday, July 26, 2009

Know You Are Appreciated

Have you ever walked into a store and held the door open for someone and they just walked right through without saying thank you or they appreciate it? I'm sure you have and what do you say when that happens? Probably something like "they could have said thanks". Well, in many areas of our lives we forget to say thanks or that we appreciate others. Too many times we toil about in our everyday routines and we forget that people need to feel appreciated and even more we need to write or verbalize that to them.

One of my favorite things to do is tell my wife how much I appreciate her and her hard work in being a great professional, but more importantly in being a wonderful wife. The glow that I see in her eyes is priceless. She really loves to hear those words and guess what? So do other people in your life that are not your significant other. As a Fitness Director, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor in Las Vegas I play various roles to many different people, but the principles are the same in telling people how much I appreciate them. Be direct and be authentic in your praise of others. With my staff and my clients I make sure that at different intervals I tell them how much they mean to me and how much of an honor and privilege it is that I can be in their lives. You can't believe how they light up when they hear those words!

People NEED other people to believe in them and to tell them that they are doing well. Even the most successful and wealthly people love to hear praise. Case in point, working in the Ridges allows me access to some of the most powerful people in Las Vegas and in this country. However, it does not matter what their status is. When I give a thank you card to one of my high end clients they don't just brush it aside. You know what they do? They thank me profusely and tell me that this means so much to them. No matter who you are...praise and appreciation of another is vital to the self-esteem of others.

So, take this challenge, during an appropriate time with someone who works with you, works for you, etc. make sure to tell them how much they are appreciated and valued in your life. Be honest and sincere about it. I promise that when you do that not only will the other person feel great about themselves, but you will feel wonderful about yourself as well.

Until the next time everyone...

Dr. D
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