Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tell Someone You Believe in Them

As a manager, personal trainer and group exercise instructor I get the wonderful honor of serving others in various capacities at work. There are many ways to serve people and in each of these areas I have tried to express my gratitude in serving my employees, clients and class participants. One of the best ways to express thankfulness to others is through simply telling them how much you care about them.

You see, one of the greatest gifts you can give another human being is to express them verbally how much you care for much you are honored to walk with them in helping them face the rough and calm winds of life. I want all of you who read this to think about other people in your life who mean so much to you. It doesn't matter who it is as long as it is someone who you value dearly in your life and who has touched you in a way that has made a difference to you. Have you told these people in your life how important they are to you? Have you said to them that their confidence in you means the world to you?

One of the greatest joys I have in this life is when I have that initial client consultation with a new client. One of my favorites parts is when I get the great privilege to tell my new client that it is my honor and my joy to take this new walk with them in their lives. When I see their faces light up when they know it is more than just training with Never have I received more internal joy than when my clients tell me they feel better about themselves. When they say "my self-esteem is so much higher" or "when I look in the mirror I can see the old me" that is the payoff. I have a client who e-mailed me and told me that she could fit back into her old jeans from over seven years ago. She left a little note that said thank you so much for helping me. In return when I have my sessions with this client I find it always important to tell this client and all of my clients at some point during the session when they are tired that "I believe in them". I love to tell them "I am here for you". You know the funny thing about this is that for many clients this is the only time they will hear those words...

As a husband, a son and a brother I recognize the importance of investing your heart and soul into others even when it means that you might get let down by the other people in your life. Caring for others and telling them you believe in them is a gift that you cannot buy with money or with coercion. The ability to connect with others on a level that is deeply entrenched in meaningful and genuine feelings is something that all people possess. You see...we are all in the service industry even if you don't think you are. People are our most precious commidity. People are our greatest treasure. Everyone....and I mean everyone at some point needs to throw a life line in the water to someone who desperately needs it.

So, ask yourself....whose life will you bless today or tomorrow by being there? Whose life will be changed because you cared enough to listen? Whose dreams will you help build because you took the time to give some of your time to that effort? We are all connected and we all...we all need each other.

Until next time everyone....

Dr. D
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