Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be Humbled by Success

Are you a person who has experienced great success recently or in the past? I'm sure many of you have had your share of good times. In life while we experience many lows that challenge us to grow as people, we always have plenty of times when success is a wonderful reality. For many of you I'm sure you have also seen what it is like when success hits how it can swell the heads of so many. When people experience a tremendous amount of success they sometimes think that they are suddenly above remembering the difficult times and look down upon others.

I'm there to tell you today that if you have experienced great success or are in the midst of great success in your life that you need to be humbled by that success. With great success comes great responsibility to wield that success in a gracious and honorable way.

In my own life I am in the midst of some deeply humbling success both personally and professionally. I remember about six and half years ago I re-affirmed my devotion to my relationship with Christ and since then I have been off and running down a path of great challenge for sure, but also a path of great success. I married the most wonderful woman in the world, achieved my goal of obtaining my doctorate, started a networking organization to serve other fitness professionals and now will be finalizing a promotion next week to become the General Manager at Club Ridges.

While I feel that I worked hard for my success I also feel a great sense of humility and grace in achieving my success. With my faith in God and the wonderful people who surround my life, I have been able to see my successes as a something that I want to share with others and teach that success should be respected and revered as it is a gift that is truly special. I never throw my success in the face of others. I never talk about how great I am because that would just mean that I believe my success is a product of my own efforts. I'm smart enough to know that the most humbling part of success is that it is not accomplished through one person's ideas or efforts. Success is always achieved through the grace and kindess of helping hands. There is not one person who has achieved anything by themselves. There is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Period. You may think you have done it all, but really isn't that an egotistcal mentality?

I know one other thing is that success is the byproduct of surrendering to serve others. In my own life I've had to lay down in the past five years many of things that were selfish about me. My need to control money and have people always see things my way was detrimental to my path of success. Letting go of my pride and putting others before me allowed me to be more available to achieve success. Now, don't misunderstand me, just because I turned around some things doesn't mean that success came over night. There were a lot of hard times and diffcult decisions that I've had to make over the past few years, but those things are just part of growing as a person.

Overall, my point is that success, no matter how big or small it is, is something that must be looked at in a gracious way. When you get that promotion, achieve that dream you always wanted to achieve, meet that special person in your life or whatever it may be you need to step back and be respectful of that success. Don't let that success change you or alter who you are deep inside because the reality is that the successes that you achieve do not define you or make you a great person....

Your greatness will be determined in regards to how well you handled and respected all that was afforded and given to you.

Until the next time everyone,

Dr. D

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