Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Step Up to the Plate

For all you diehard football fans, the preseason for NFL football has begun. The preseason is a time of preparation both physically and mentally for the upcoming football season. While this is a great period of learning before the real games begin in football, in life we do not have a preseason. In our lives we are forced to be ready for live action everyday. We don't have the time to train for our lives and to have grace periods. We have to be ready to step up to the plate everyday to meet the demands of life.

As the certainty of change follows us each day, we must meet the call with an approach that shows we are ready and able to be there for others. As I've talked about many times, serving others and being there for people are missions that hold great esteem and reward. We do not train to help others...we do not prepare to help others...we just help others when events turn suddenly and we are thrust into action.

So, as you work through your day today make sure to be ready to put on your game face when things turn suddenly for someone else so that you can be effective when helping them. Step up the plate and you will be surprised at how many people will step up to the plate for you when you are in a bind.

Until next time everyone...

Dr. D
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