Monday, September 21, 2009

Giving Feels Good

As I announced the prizes we would be giving away in our Connect to Fitness raffle, I felt a great feeling of joy come over me. I just got chills. It was awesome! I was about to give away several prizes that were donated by some wonderful people in the fitness community. From free massages, personal training sessions, fitness clothing, fitness bags, etc. I was about to have the honor of providing some lucky individuals with some great things. After I explained each item, my good friend Emma Pietrzak yelled out the winning number and one by one people came forth in a great roar of excitement because they won something. At times I could not tell if we were more excited than they were because of the great feeling that we were getting from giving back to them.

In fact, I can probably guess that anytime you have given selflessly and genuinely that you have felt better than receiving anything. I know for me that giving has always been better than receiving. The joy you get in making someone smile through giving to them is so awesome! Now, in the above case we were giving out material things, but I find the best way to give is through your time, efforts and the praise you give to others. In my professional and personal life I find the most fulfillment when I pump up others. There's no other feeling like it. Giving kind words and giving of your effort always pays off in the end.

One of my golden rules with business is to always enter into a professional relationship as a "giver" not a "taker". Ask how you can give or help out the other person. Ask for nothing in return except for them letting you know that you are happy with their new success. Over the past few years I have made it my mission to live a life of giving before taking and I have seen my fortunes and triumphs greatly increase. Let's face it...we all need each other so let's help each other by giving back to each other.

Until next time everyone!

Dr. D
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