Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nothing Like Having Good Friends

Have you ever had a moment when you realized that you were so blessed and fortunate to be around the people who give you so much joy in your life? This past week, while I was on vacation, my wife and I realized that our life is filled with tremendously loyal and sincere friends. Number one on our list out here in Vegas are our friends Charles and Hannah Ware. During our vacation we laughed, we drank, we had great in-depth conversations and we just generally enjoyed each other's company. It made me think how wonderful it is to find great people in one's life. There's nothing like having good friends.

As a fitness professional, it is my aim to always move towards creating solid and lasting relationships with my colleagues. Throughout the years I have been blessed to work with some amazing individuals. That has been made more apparent by the fact that I have also had the displeasure of working with some pretty mediocre individuals as well. Over the past few years I have made it my mission to surround myself with good, honest and decent human beings both professionally and personally. You, the reader, should always aim to surround yourself with the best of the best because doing that will only raise your level of professionalism and classiness to another level. I've never seen successful people who have an array of negative associations and friendships. Nope, the value of solid relationships in one's life will always pay huge dividends for all involved.

In my line of work as the manager of a high end fitness facilty and the founder of a networking group, I am always approached by people who want to sell stuff to me or take advantage of my standing in the fitness community. However, I step lightly always when creating connections with others. Make sure when testing the waters for connections that you find out what your possible connections stand for. Ask things such as are they selling products instead of selling a committment to a growing professional relationship with you? Are they people of high charater? Will they work with you even if there's no monetary gain? Questions like these will give you a better idea of if a new possible connection is worth pursuing. Overall, I've seen more snakes than angels, but I press on and because of that I have some seriously loyal business associates who I work with.

In the end, there's nothing like connecting with some who shares your vision for moving forward in their profession. There's nothing like connecting with someone who is respectful, service oriented and generous. And if you get lucky and get all those then you might hit the jackpot and know the feeling of having great friendship with people you associate yourself with.

Thanks for reading everyone...until next time.

Dr. D
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