Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enjoying the Pleasant Surprises of Life

The music was just starting to ramp up as I sat in my crooked little chair. More people began filing in and just as I was about to really get into my malibu rum and coke I suddenly entered into a conversation with someone who let me in on a very cool fact. Yup, I was told by Karen J., a long time friend of our family, that she reads my blog. My blog! That was so awesome to hear! The even more surprising thing is that we were talking about it in a little country bar in Mifflinburg, Pennyslvania. You just never know when someone is going to tell you something pleasantly surprising and where you'll be when they tell you.

You see, it wasn't all that amazing that Karen herself was reading my blog. Karen is a very intelligent, creative and talented individual. I think I sensed she was reading it. However, it was surprising that I found out while I was over 2,000 miles away from home. We as human beings can never foresee how certain things will be revealed to us. Although we'd like to think we can control the outcome of all things in our life, the truth is that we really don't know much about the little intricacies of life. Nor can we begin to understand or read the minds of others that we know. The pleasant little surprises of life are fascinating and somewhat mysterious.

One of the other lessons related to the pleasant surprises of life is the two sided effect that it has on the parties involved. Take for instance Karen telling me about how she reads my blog. Karen mentioned how she really looks forward to reading my blog each week. That was nice to hear being that I had never previously heard from her that she even read it. While Karen feels likes she gets a lot of out of my blog, I feel like I got a lot out of her confession that she reads my blog. The feeling that I got was one of excitement and a weird sense of validation. I've heard more and more lately about the different people who read my blog. During my time in Pennsylvania visiting my in-laws with my wife, my mother in-law told me she reads my blog as well!

Again, the pleasant surprises of life are amazing and astonishing yet also perplexing as well. I never can predict or sometimes even understand how these surprises come about, but I'm glad they do. With my networking group Connect to Fitness I feel like I get lots of pleasant surprises from the people we work with. It is so amazing to get feedback from people we barely know in relation to their feelings on how CTF has helped them. Just amazing yet also pleasantly surprising.

So, I hope and pray that each of you who read this blog are pleasantly surprised in your lives by the people in your lives. Whether you are in the fitness profession and one of your clients surprises you by giving more effort than you thought or your friend tells you that they read your blog over 2,000 miles away; I hope that you are caught off guard in a great way.

As I finished my conversation with Karen and took one last sip of my malibu rum and coke, I joined my wife and Karen on the dance floor in Mike and Dot's Bar. Yup, in Mike and Dot's Bar...a place where I swore that I would never dance on the dance floor. But hey, I had a great time dancing as I always do. Again, pleasantly surprised by my enjoyment of the whole scene. Life is funny like that.

Until the next time...

Dr. D
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