Sunday, October 4, 2009

There's a Strategy for Everything

One of the residents in The Ridges who regularly comes to participant in my group exercise classes always teases me by saying he has a strategy for every workout that we do. This resident always says to me that there is a strategy to everything in life. And you know what? I must agree with him. In life we shouldn't just let things happen to us and think oh well it was just going to happen that way. We need a plan and a strategy so that we can give ourselves the best opportunity for success in all that we do in life.

The funny thing about having a strategy is that you really do need to have one for all that you do in life. Why would one think that they should have a strategy for their job, but not for their personal life. While you may have plans on how to maneuver through your professional life you most certainly need a plan to know how to navigate your personal life as well. This is especially true in your significant other relationships. You should definitely have a plan and communicate that plan in areas such as finances, intimacy, division of chores, etc. With a clear plan that is communicated regularly between two people then you will most definitely be more successful in your level of happiness in your relationship. I've never met a couple that has had long term love and happiness who didn't communicate regularly about their personal life plan. Great couples talk about everything and are able to respect each other's points of views while still working as a team within the plan they have set forth together.

Think about it...who do you know that is incredibly successful that does not have a vision for success that involves a plan of strategy for execution? I love to surround myself with people who I believe are excellent people and who strive to be successful in all phases of their lives. Not one of those people that I surround myself with just walks through aimlessly letting life just happen to them. These people don't feel sorry for themselves nor do they place the blame on others for things that don't end up going their way. They don't do those things because they plan for success and usually achieve it. I can tell you in my own life that while I have experienced some lows, they are way more outpaced by the highs in my life which I attribute largely to the strategies I have in place for success in all phases of my life.

In the end, letting things just happen and being reactive in life does not make for successful long term results. Don't just rely on your talents. Everyone has a talent, but not everyone has a strategy to use their talent in a way that will better both themselves and other people.

Thanks for your time and until next time...

Dr. D

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