Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Time to Chill

As my wife and I finished our Ashiatsu massages at the Hara Center ( today, we both realized that relaxation must become a bigger part of our lives. Taking a step back to enjoy the quiet times in life is something that many of us are not doing these days. In such a fast paced and quick society we sometimes become consumed with doing too much. We add so much to our plate and then never sit back and enjoy what we've done.

In my life I have certainly been guilty of doing too much and then not sitting back to enjoy what has been accomplished. Or I have not sat back and taken time to re-energize my body. However, working my full time job as the General Manager of Club Ridges and my side gig as the Director of Connect to Fitness, has made me realize that I need to take breaks and vacations regularly to keep my mind and my body fresh and alert. These days you have to have balance in your life with the hectic nature of life.

The funny thing about life is that no matter how much you love what you do you still have to make time to chill and relax. This concept is very similar to working out. While it is important to be a regular exerciser, it is just as important to rest your body so that your body can make the necessary physiological adaptations. Without rest you are just continually causing damage to the body. Rest is just as important as exercising.

With that being said, I challenge all of you out there to set aside fun time, vacation time or just time to be still. I promise you will filled relaxed, refreshed and ready to tackle all that is busy in your life.

Thanks everyone! Until the next time...

Dr. D
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