Sunday, November 1, 2009

Break to Build

I was sitting in Theater 1 of the Regal Cinemas Movie Theater at the Red Rock Casino yesterday with my wife Michelle. We were gearing up to watch the movie that has become a national phenomenon, Paranormal Activity. Before the trailers began running we both saw a commercial that was playing on the screen that was amazing. I'm sure if you are a sports fan you are aware of Michael Jordan. However, you may not be aware of the commercials that accompany his shoes and Air Jordan apparel. The commercials are actually a series of commercials about Becoming Legendary.

As I was watching the commercial run I was inspired, motivated and pumped by what I saw. I loved seeing Dwayne Wade doing some Russian Twists with a Med Ball and then falling out in exhaustion. I loved seeing Carmelo Anthony get a rebound and then body a man with a heavy bag before dunking. I loved seeing the high school players in the commercial who were scratching and clawing their way towards building to greatness. I loved seeing Chris Paul doing plyo push ups and wind sprints. And maybe the best part...was the anticipation each person had before their respective games. The energy was crazy beautiful. And as the commercial ended...what was left was the phrase "Break to Build". You gotta love it.

It brought me back to those days for me when I used to step out on the track to practice as high school and collegiate sprinter. Each interval I ran was brutal. Every hill run was exhausting. Running in the snow on the track was crazy. Coach tried to break us everyday. He wanted to see how far he could push us physically and mentally. I've never been more scared yet exhilarated than when I was a college sprinter. To this day I've never done anything harder. The fear was thick everyday, but the joy after was just as great. You see, in order to become a legend in your own right, you must be tested. You must be driven to the limit of your capabilities to find out who you really are. I always tell my clients..."When you push yourself you will find yourself!"

The phrase "Break to Build" was a part of my weekly athletic experience at James Madison University. It was a part of it when we would lift weights after practice, when we would take those 7-8 hour drives to meets and get back late in the am. We were being broken doing something every week and you know what? I loved it. There's nothing better than testing yourself and discovering what you are made of. If you can be brave and whether the pain and the exhaustion then you will have built a glorious person who can withstand the rigors of life both personally and professionally. That's what that Nike Commercial for Jordan's Become Legendary campaign is about. It is about finding the inner strength and determination to create your legacy. So, ask have you tried to become legendary?

As the commercial faded my wife and I looked at each other and nodded in agreement at what we saw. Michelle smiled broadly at me especially because she knew how pumped I was to see such a commercial because this commercial essentially defined who I am to a tee. No shortcuts, no excuses, no half way effort....

"Break to Build"

Until the next time...

Dr. D

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