Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remember the Journey

While I was folding towels at Club Ridges yesterday I caught myself thinking back to the first time I folded and rolled a towel at Club Ridges. It was May 2007. The club was about a month away from opening and myself and a few other co-workers were talking and laughing while folding, rolling and stocking the towels that adorn Club Ridges to this day. I remember how much fun we had helping to get the club ready for its introduction to the wonderful residents of The Ridges. Folding and rolling towels to this day is one of my favorite things to do. It reminds of my beginnings at Club Ridges and I never want to forget my journey from starting as a personal trainer to now being the General Manager and running the whole club. Rolling and folding towels continues to be a gift...a gift of remembrance of wonderful beginnings.

In life we must take time to smell the roses and enjoy the success that we have been so fortunate to receive. One way to do that is to think back and celebrate the journey that helped to launch your success. I know so many people who accomplish so many great things, but don't take time to remember the journey to their success. If you own a business think about that moment when your business idea popped into your head. Think about when that business became a reality. Think about the first time those doors opened to the public. Think about it, remember it and enjoy it.

If you are a parent think about that moment when you knew those children were going to come into the world. Think about their birth day. Think about the first time they got a haircut. Think about the first day they went to school. Think about it, remember it and enjoy it.

If you are married think about the first date you had with your future spouse. Think about the moment you got engaged. Think about your wedding day. Think about your travels and experiences growing as a couple. Think about it, remember it and enjoy it.

While all of these examples might not fit your life I'm sure something like these do. Regardless, I think you get the point that we must remember and celebrate the wonderful joys in our life. We just never know how long we will have those memories in our lives so take the time to reflect and enjoy those memories that you cherish so much.

I finished folding, rolling and stocking the last towel yesterday at work and I thought about how amazing the journey has been for me at Club Ridges. I took a seat real quick and starting laughing about the time myself and my co-worker Sean were sweating profusely outside in July 2007 putting together the tables and chairs that are near the main pool. It was a sight to see. I got up and went into the group exercise room to get out some Bosus for my class that night and all I could think about was how great it was when all of those Bosus came in a few years ago before the club opened. I thought about the first Core Power class I taught with those Bosus and how almost all of the people who took that class still take my class today. I walked the floor and cleaned the cardio equipment and thought about the first time the technogym rep. Todd Gilbertson came by to orient us on how to explain the specs on the equipment to the residents. There are just so many memories that I have of Club Ridges and its beginnings. Every part of that club is a part of me and for that I am so grateful.

I hope you are grateful for all you have been given and all the happiness that you are connected to in your life. Think about it, remember it and enjoy it.

Until the next time...

Dr. D

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